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Top Healthy Habits for College Students

Top Healthy Habits for College Students


College comes with loads of schoolwork to handle, a social life to build, extra curriculum activities, and so on. At times, students can get caught up in the motions and begin to neglect their health. Grave mistake.

If your health begins failing, all else follows suit, from your academic performance to your social life. It’s therefore wise to mind your health and build lifelong habits that safeguard your health long after college. 

Here are some top health habits for college students. 

1. Create a Clean Living Space

When not in lectures, you will likely spend significant time in your dorm room. You will also be here several hours every night sleeping. 

Creating and maintaining clean living quarters is worth every second. If you fail to do this, you will allow dust, dust, and dander to collect in your room. These interfere with the air quality, cause respiratory problems and even create a fertile environment for pests to thrive. 

All these factors can severely affect your physical health. 

2. Taking Breaks

At times, students assume that pushing themselves hard even when exhausted supports their academic objectives. This is counterproductive. 

In this frame of mind, you do not make any headway in your studies. You also risk pushing yourself too far and suffering from burnout. 

When things get too overwhelming, it’s okay to take a break, get help from a site like Edutized and even seek help from your friends. 

3. Get Quality Sleep

Getting adequate hours of good quality sleep does more than make you feel rested. Good sleep is known to regulate blood pressure, boost immunity, support heart health and even reduce the chances of depression. 

On average, aim for eight hours of sleep each night regardless of what else is going on. Consider having a standard bedtime and wake-up time as this sets your internal clock and makes it easier to sleep and wake up at the set times. 

Similarly, avoid caffeine and stimulating activities right before bed. Instead, slow down the pace and try to relax an hour or two before bedtime. 

4. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is excellent for your physical and mental health. Muscular exertion, deep breathing, sweating, and movement enhance your life in numerous ways. 

Working out regularly helps boost your immunity and with weight management. In addition, weight management is vital in lowering one’s chances for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc. 

Exercising is also known to enhance cognitive function, and a good morning workout can see you concentrate better and have higher energy levels throughout the day. 

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The other thing about working out is that it triggers the body to release endorphins which help elevate your mood and keep depression at bay. 

5. Eat Well

Eating well takes some effort, especially with all the readily available food options around. However, once you create a system, this will be a habit that will be useful throughout your adult life. 

Try to incorporate whole foods, seeds, natural herbs, spices, nuts, fruits, and vegetables into your diet. These help you feel cleaner, more energetic and keeps your brain and body optimized. 

This does not mean entirely cutting off your favorite snacks from your diet. On the contrary, you can still indulge in these occasions. 

6. Stay Hydrated

A great habit to form in college is to have a water bottle on you as you go about your day. Having it on you makes it easier to drink it. 

Buy a good, durable bottle for this. You can then refill your water throughout the day as need be. Throw in some lemon slices, cucumber, turmeric, or other healthy herbs to jazz it up. 

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