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Top B2B Platforms in Europe     

Top B2B Platforms in Europe     

B2b commerce and marketing have been in the limelight over the past few years now. The inception of modern technologies and business renovations allowed B2B to make its mark in the business society. In recent times, there is a new aspect attracting quite some attention; the b2b marketplace. A survey conducted by Divante exclaimed that experts believe that the marketplace is the biggest development in 2021. 


Along with the above data, Gartner also adds by saying that 70% of the marketplaces of enterprises will serve b2b transactions by 2023. Europe is a major reflection of this trend. In 2010 it had around 20 b2b marketplaces, and within a decade, it rose to 300 and more marketplaces. These marketplaces generated a revenue of 3 billion euros and counting.


Let us try to find out the best b2b platform in Europe that are ruling the markets and made a name for itself;


Scoutstock ranks no.1 as the best b2b platform Europe marketplace, facilitating an easy meeting between the suppliers and the customers and hassle-free transactions. Their primary goal is to provide businesses with a comprehensive solution to act as a catalyst for their growth. Scoutstock, a Netherland venture’s endeavors to provide various businesses to perform exceptionally in local markets and spread their roots across international boundaries. An innovative search engine technology helps them list out the products so that every business gets their due attention. Their advanced technologies assist businesses in delivering the best customer experience.


Amazon Business

Amazon business is one of the top b2b brands and is a global giant in Europe and worldwide. The companies need to register themselves with the marketplace to start their eCommerce business. This platform allows employers to have multiple users to buy in their absence, making it a lot more convenient. Amazon business has updated product content and helps the business by providing all necessary information such as images and videos, user guides and applications, CAD files, etc. 



FashionTIY might not be as vast and relevant as Amazon is, but it gained immense importance among small and medium businesses. This platform is cheaper by 70%, with no MOQ or other advantages, yet it marked itself in the B2B platform in Europe. FashionTIY indulges in providing the best competitive advantage of pricing for small and medium businesses. Such businesses have successfully sold over 10k goods and items at factory prices without any middleman to cut on their income. It makes sure that the businesses make a greater profit.


eWorld Trade

The online b2b Ecommerce platform of eWorld Trade made a mark for itself in the global arena. It allows a better way of communication between the buyers and the sellers. eWorld trade endeavors to provide a greater experience in digital media and providing technological services.



Meero provides the eCommerce stores with an opportunity to boost their sales with quality product pictures. They allow the store owners to link up with some professional photographers who can take quality pictures. After the picture taking is over, they post such good pictures and product descriptions to attract customers.

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The popularity of Meero reflects that it garnered around $230 million by 2019, which is the highest in France to date. As per 2019 states, Meero had 31,000 clients across 100 countries and around 58,000 photographers for its eCommerce platform. 600 employees spread around 5 different cities conduct their business work.



TravelPerk saw its birth in the city of Barcelona through the hands of Avi Meir and his team. Their objective was to lower the cost of business expenses and increase the convenience of customers. The uniqueness in the working of TravelPerk lies in the fact that they have no travel agent. This unique approach convinced many customers to look into their business activities, which resulted in the platform’s convincing growth over the past few years. You would be in shock to know that between 2017 and 2019, TravelPerk increased its revenue generated by 700%, with a growing client base that reached 1000 companies.


Above are some of the best b2b marketplaces in Europe that can give your business the platform to propel its ventures. Depending on your requirements, you can select a marketplace of your choosing to lose no opportunity to get the maximum customers. 


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