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Top 5 Sports Events for August (2021)

Top 5 Sports Events for August (2021)

There are ALWAYS pretty big sporting events going on and August would be no exception to that, so what are we here for today? To discuss our best sports picks for August. As always we’ll start with a list and then break it down one by one. Let’s get into it!

  • Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics
  • English Premier League (Football/Soccer)
  • Belgian Grand Prix (F1)
  • US Open (Tennis)
  • European Masters (Golf)


Realistically the list speaks for itself but we’ll go into what to expect for each of our entries, starting with the Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics! For the Olympics, you’ve got 8 whole days of events through August, but what events have we got to look forward to? Well, the 1st August you’ve got the final day of the swimming events featuring men’s 50m and 1500m freestyles, the men’s 4 x 100m medley relay and the women’s 50m freestyle and 4 x 100m medley relay. BIG events. Not into swimming? No worries, the big one everyone tends to tune in for is well underway with the huge events like the men’s 100m due August 1st, men’s long jump August 2nd and women’s long jump August 3rd, not exciting enough? I got you. August 6th, Mens AND Womens 4 x 100m relays! What about the paralympics though?


Well, luckily for you, the paralympics haven’t started yet so we still have EVERYTHING to look forward to, the Athletics begin on 27th August running until the 5th September, the swimming events start on 26th August and run until 3rd September and the cycling events begin 25th August until 28th for the TRACK cycling followed by ROAD cycling 31st August until 3rd September. We have a completely clean slate and I am very excited. 


English Premier League, Matchweek 1. Source: PremierLeague.com


Next up we have the English Premier League, football, or soccer for those across the pond. Kicking off the season we have Liverpool FC taking on new boys Norwich at 8PM GMT on Friday 9th August at Anfield. Liverpool will be hoping to improve on last season’s performance, though in my opinion they did incredibly well to finish 3rd given how many injuries they had to deal with. Starting us off on Saturday, the early kick off features West Ham hosting reigning champions Manchester City, who will be hoping to have added Grealish and Kane to their ranks! Then on Sunday, we have a huge game with Manchester United hosting Chelsea. United look to have bolstered their squad impressively with Jadon Sancho and Rafael Varane, anything other than a win will be a disappointment given their spending.


Lewis & Max atop the podium at Imola. Source: Fox Sports


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Any Formula 1 fan will know the last few weeks have been rather spicy, with Christian Horner and Max Verstappen unhappy with the way the FIA “dealt with” what they believe to have been bad racing by Lewis Hamilton and Spa will prove to throw yet more fuel on the fire. Coincidentally Spa is also the halfway point in the season so we’ll get a good look at what we can expect in the home stretch! All eyes have been on Lando Norris for me this season in all honesty, the young man is an incredible and super consistent driver and I really hope over the coming years that McLaren can give him a car capable of winning a championship, as a McLaren fan AND a Lando fan!


Unfortunately, there aren’t many details available for the next two events in my list HOWEVER they do both begin in August and as such, it’s something to look forward to, the US Open Tennis event begins on Monday 30th August with the first round of singles games, I’m backing Novak Djokovic to come back with a bang after his disappointing loss in the Olympics 3-4th place game. Going home without a medal hurt him, he’ll most certainly want to bounce back! Then outside of knowing that the European Masters runs from 26th-29th August and has €2million in prizes up for grabs, there really isn’t a lot of information out there right now, however, it always throws up a great show!


There you have it! That’s a run down of some of the big sporting events coming to screens near you in August, there is WAY more out there if you’re into it too, this is just my big 5. What are you looking forward to this month? Let us know! Take care folks!


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