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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Bestie

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Bestie

Having a friend is a blessing. However, they come in different types. While some friends and simple and cute some are nerdy and geek. While we know a lot about our friends we often get confused while buying gifts for them. This is because we what to ensure that we can live up to their expectations. We must know about what they like and dislike and how we can buy them a perfect gift for their birthday or on a special occasion

If your friend is a geek you need to look for these 5 best gift ideas that can impress them. 

Erasable Note Set

If you want to keep things simple and clean buying a good erasable note set would be a great gift idea. Geeks are very particular about their schedule and the time they utilize. Hence, they often jot down all the information they can to keep track of their routine and what’s important. These note sets are available on any online gadget store and that should make things easier for you to get. You can also throw in a tool pen that can make things convenient for your friend to make notes. 

Brainteasers & Puzzles

If you are good with online research you can come across plenty of brainteasers and puzzles that can help you to impress your geeky friend. Brainteasers come in different shapes and sizes and therefore you need to look out for the ones that can make a lasting impression. You can also find various types of puzzles that can allow you to make your nerdy friend smile on that special day. Many of the brainteasers can also be used as paperweights and that can stay on the desk of your friend.

Essential Survival Kit

Nothing excites geek more than staying alive in the worst scenarios. If your friend is a survivalist then gifting an essential survival kit is the best way to make him or her smile. You can find an adventure survival kit that will have different items that your friend can carry along on a camp or when you are heading for some trip in the woods. This would be a perfect setting to make use of the kit. 

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UV Smartphone Sanitizer

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lifestyle today. Hence, it would be a perfect gift to your geeky friend to sanitize the smartphone in this pandemic-affected world. This device works electronically and uses ultraviolet rays to kill all the germs and bacteria on the smartphone screen to offer great protection before you touch the screen. At the same time, it can also power up the phone to keep you connected with the world. 

Fidget Spinner Tool

Fidget spinners are quite popular but apart from their use of spinning, they are not much of use. However, with this, fidget spinner tool you can offer your geek friend the power fix chores with the help of six multi-tools attracted to the spinner body. This would allow your friend to be prepared for the situation to come. 

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