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Tips for Boosting Natural Light in Your Loft Conversion

Tips for Boosting Natural Light in Your Loft Conversion


When you decide to convert the top of your house and really open up the space with a loft conversion, the priority for many people is to ensure that they invite as much natural light into the space as possible. If this is one of your major concerns, you have certainly come to the right place! The following post is all about how to boost natural light in your loft conversion.

Roof Windows and Lights 

The advantage of a Velux roof window is that you can let in plenty of natural light from above you. This minimises the need for lights and increased energy bills, as the natural light will provide the best source there is. If you would like lights, though, in-ceiling roof lights are another popular choice, which works well with roof windows, perfect for at night.  

Don’t worry about controlling the heat and light in the room. You can simply add in some blinds to give yourself the ability to invite in more or shut it out. Having the light stream in from above you is an advantage that you can only get from a loft conversion. Another possible alternative is to put in a roof light on the stairs that approach the loft. Essentially, this helps with the overall light flow leading up to the loft. The completed effect can end up being particularly stunning, as well as helping to increase spaciousness.

Dormer Windows 

Another popular way of making a loft conversion lighter is through the installation of dormer windows. Creating a quaint effect, a dormer loft conversion is one of the most popular options out there as it is often the easiest way of opening up the space. You often don’t need to obtain planning permission either, which is a huge boon as this can end up being both time-consuming and costly.


The use of mirrors tends to work best in conjunction with one of the other techniques listed above. Essentially, it creates an amplification effect, helping to bounce the light around the room. Being easy to install and affordable, they are a great option no matter what type of loft conversion project you choose to embark upon.

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When you are putting the finishing touches on your loft conversion, the decoration can make a big difference to the appearance of natural light. So, make sure that you use lighter colours that will reflect the light that shines onto them. This will help to create a room that feels airy and more illuminated, which is a worthwhile and beautiful effect.

Maximising natural light in the loft can have all sorts of benefits. First, you have the improvements to your physical and mental wellbeing. Also, it can help to improve your concentration, which is useful if you are putting in a home office or studio. Plus, there is the fact that light can enhance the overall visual appeal of your loft conversion. All-in-all, the benefits are there to be enjoyed, and the above methods give you a couple of ideas on how to create the effect that you are looking for.


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