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Three significant home additions that cost less than you think

Three significant home additions that cost less than you think

Every person dreams of building their dream home, but it may not be possible for various reasons. Sometimes space may not be enough or the budget, or you may feel the need for other things at a later stage. Whatever may be the reason, there are many choices to outgrow your spaces quickly with some modifications. Renovating your house with time is the coolest idea to bring freshness to your home’s look. It’s more reliable to build additions like adding a skylight rather than moving into a greater space. In this article, we will discuss three significant home additions that cost less than you think.

Bathroom Addition

The first one on our list is bathroom addition. With the change in times, there have been many modern ideas of the bathroom. Also, with the growth in family members, the necessity of bathroom. You might want to add bathtubs, hand showers, geysers, or sauna but can’t do so due to limited space. Many people have also developed fantasies of building glass showers with modern toiletries equipment and a music system. If you have a left-out space outside your bathroom, it can be successfully created into a closet space. For adding more bathrooms, you need to start looking for the right place with existing pipes. Some of the possible areas could be in your basement or the backyard of the house. But the backyard would cost you more for additional piping, so it’s better to consider your bedroom’s extra spaces to create one. You need to plan these things priory to fit under your budget while adding all the cost fixtures. Once the addition to the bathroom is done, it will surely add more value to your house than before. These are must for families with growing kids or welcoming guests.

Home Office Addition

We all are aware of how work from home has intervened in our lives. Such work policies have been increasing, and remote work has become one of the biggest trends in today’s world. In such circumstances, people need a calm work environment to concentrate better. This can only happen when all your work equipment is present in a separate room and there is no interference from others. Working around your family members could be a mess and can make you cause serious mistakes during work. A separate office addition might help you in that there would be no interruption of children or background noises. You won’t like to take the risk of someone crossing in front of your camera during online meetings. For this, you must consider converting your spare bedroom or basement into an office addition. This is something great if you plan to open your own small business, you need to add some shelves, chairs, and books with all your stationaries, and it’s done. These minor additions increase your home’s value when resailing and make your space even larger.

Garage Addition

A garage addition is something needed by everyone, no matter how big or small your house is. Garages are the safest to park your car, especially when you have multiple. You can also build shelves or cupboards to place the extra stuff you are currently not in use. In short, it can also be used as a storeroom and has many more benefits. On Sundays, you can park your car outside and have a barbeque brunch with your near and dear ones while having a setup in the garage. Adding a garage is the most straightforward thing if you have left out space in the outer or sider area. You need to plan how this addition needs to take place properly. A freestanding garage may be more expensive than an attached one with less construction. Although freestanding garage has many advantages like it is easy to clean and keeps the dust away. But the attached garage would quickly get blend with the transition of your current architecture.

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The list doesn’t end here, and there could be many more additions to utilize your free space and necessities like sunrooms for adding luxury into your life. If you are planning to remodel your house, consider these tips and tricks!


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