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Things to know before building a House

Things to know before building a House


Building a house is directly proportional to building a home, and the entire process is as magical as the song to Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra. Just as the song unfolds certain aspects and the intricacies of life stages in the metaphor home, it is almost the same as planning to build a house. While one might not have a guideline to live, one certainly has the guideline to making one of the most important aspects of life, i.e., a house. 

Things you should know before building a house

The Planning: 

Before planning to build a house, there are vital points to keep in mind, such as your schedule or outline of your planning will not be in your control due to factors like bad weather, scheduling constructors, input and output of a procedure/ building issues, the budget of contingencies and hence, building a house will/might take more time than planned. Make sure you have a solid plan which includes Location for your house, reliable constructors/builders, scheduling construction.

  1. The location of your potential house has an impact on your life daily. Do not buy a piece of land without land or building inspection to have an idea of the place you are signing up for and the requirements to attain utilities. The locality of your house will affect the environment of your home. You have to choose a convenient location to commute to every day, have all the local stores and community establishments within a commutable distance, safety and security.
  2. Choose constructors/builders who are reliable. Picking a builder might be easy, but picking one which fits your wants and expectations will take time. You can turn the search for a perfect builder into an interview by asking questions about whether they can complete the work within the given timeline, the concerns they have to build the home and always go for client testimonials and past work. 
  3. Talk to/ stay in touch with concerned engineers as they can provide you with minor to major updates necessary in your plan. They will also provide a 2D and 3D plan if you ask for it because it is always better to visualize your home to clarify what you need and don’t need in the plan. 

The Budget

The role of budgeting in building a house since it takes a huge amount of investment to make one. No matter how big or small is the budget for your home, there are points to consider while budgeting. Allocating your budget beforehand saves money and time.

  1. Contingency Reserve will save you from a crisis in your pockets. Whatever you keep as the budget, whether saving or home loan, make sure you have a separate amount for contingency as there might come up issues that will hinder the final steps on building the house or while moving in. It is wiser to save a lump sum amount that will not be allocated to one particular work but would act as insurance against other costs incurred during construction. 
  2. Investing in fixtures is another wise owl trick you should consider for a long-term plan. Fixtures are the parts of your home that stick around even when you change your decor. Investing in fixtures will save you huge amounts that you might have to spend a bomb on later. It is better to have an excellent plumbing and drainage system at home than to have a wall you can change anytime to feel the need.

The Future Planning:

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Building a home is a window to the future in itself as it allows one to plan for a long-term investment, be it emotionally, financially, socially or physically. One has to plan according to the period he wants to spend in that house, and with that, whether for a long run or short run, the house should be planned to keep the timeline in mind.

  1. Design for the future as you have to spend years and years in that house, and the comfort the house provides will turn it into a home. Keep your lifestyle in mind before making a house. If you are single for the long run, you would not want to invest in making a house for two. Consider your pets and their requirements. If you are married or about to get married, make a house that will be big enough in the future for having children and accommodating their requirements. Have a 5-10 yrs perspective of planning in hand for a convenient future of housing. 
  2. Plan for storage as most families or people miss out on proper storage at home. Planning for storage isn’t the most exciting part of the process, but it greatly influences your lifestyle and organization later on. Keep it in the forefront of your mind when designing and building a home. It is better to have more storage in your house than getting objects that eat up space for storage. 
  3. Finish the house before moving in because you might move in first to realize that your backyard or pool or terrace balcony is on hold for years due to your excitement. 


In conclusion, many things should be considered before building a house, but the most important thing besides all the technicalities of building one is your gut. With all the do’s and don’ts and mathematics, listen to your heart how your home should be. Therefore, you can visit a website of professionals in the field of construction to know the things before building your house. 

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