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Things to Do Immediately When You Have Lost Your Phone

Things to Do Immediately When You Have Lost Your Phone


Phones have become an integral part of our lives. When you lose your phone, your world shakes. Everything nowadays is on your phone. Starting from your business to banking, you rely on your phone heavily. Therefore, when you lose your phone, you must know the next steps you must take. Here are the steps that you must take immediately after losing your phone:

  • Call your phone: You can use an alternate device to ring your phone. It’s the best first option. Some phones might even be left on silent though they’d still vibrate on hard surfaces. You can try an app to alert your phone as well. It’s always best to try these things out without being in a state of panic. 
  • Use the Find My Phone feature: If you’re lucky enough to have this app installed and working, then it can help you make your task easier by letting you know if your phone’s left at the home, office or with someone unknown. 
  • Text on your phone: If calling doesn’t work, you can always leave a message that might come up on the home screen, and if your phone is in the hands of someone good, they can help you get your phone back quickly. Text your phone with instructions on finding you as it can help you if someone gets it. 
  • Back up your phone and then erase the information: If you’re certain that your phone has been stolen, it is safe to remove data from the phone through Android and iOS functions after backing up the critical data. 
  • Change passwords: Change passwords on any accounts that are enabled on your mobile phone, especially those containing secure data, for example, emails and social media. 
  • Disable your sim: Contact your sim company and ask them to disable your sim as soon as possible so that no false actions can be done under your name. 
  • Contact the Police: You can even let the police know if your phone is stolen so that they can take necessary actions in finding the thief. You can even demand your insurance if applicable. You can only get the insurance if the phone is stolen. 
  • Unlink your accounts: If you don’t feel satisfied even after changing passwords, you can unlink your accounts and stop those from syncing that’ll make your account safer. You can use your laptop or another phone to do this. 
  • Use Pro Phone Tracker: Prophone tracker official website will help you trace your phone number online. You can find your cell location for free using the Location Area Code that is LAC and Cell ID through the cell tower. If you know more than three cell towers, you can identify the location of the phone.

The app will ask you to fill up the Mobile Country Code of 3 digits, the Mobile Network Code to identify the sim company, the location area code, i.e. where the cell towers might be and the cell ID. All the fields will be required to fill up to avoid errors. 

The accuracy depends on the number of cell towers found in the area; hence the results are better in Urban Areas. You can find the location free of cost through this app. It’s easy to access. 

  • Use the tower map: You can even use the latest tool on the Pro Phone Tracker that is the cell tower map, where you just have to click on the map for the cell towers to be shown.
  • The app constantly works on improving and introducing new functions. Such tools help companies and even polices to track the locations. And if you lose your phone, then this might be a massive help to you as well! 
  • Use the IP address: Through the Profone Tracker, you can also find the mobile using the IP address. It specifies the location of the phone if it has internet. The phone will be assigned an IP address, and you can look for the public IP address online itself. Though it’s not 100% accurate, the IP tracker asks the Google location services to help return the location. It is intended for a single query only. 
  • Track with the GPS Mobile Number: Trace any mobile phone based on the history of your location data, that is, the GPS and the Wi-Fi connections. You just have to enter the mobile number on the Pro Phone Tracker and click the search button. It will help in showing the approximate location on Google maps. It’s free of charge and can be used worldwide. 


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These are some of the essential things you must do immediately as soon as you lose your phone. Make sure to block your SIM card too.


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