Launched back in 2003 by Poke London, the globalrichlist is a website that shows exactly how rich you are, based on your income or your wealth. It compares you to the rest of the world. The two different ways of calculation apply to different types of people. For instance if you are a student, you’d rather want to calculate your fortune based on your annual income (scholarship + salary + other benefits). On the other hand, if you are married, you’d rather choose the wealth calculation technique. Pay attention – you will have to know what are your assets, your belongings, the value of your house and pretty much everything you own!

The interesting aspect is that it’s nothing like a Forbes top of the wealthiest. In fact, you’ll be surprised to find out that you are pretty wealthy. When asked why did they build a website that promotes a different vision upon wealthiness, Poke London simply replied: to challenge the “perceptions promoted by Forbes and Times rich lists that western readers are comparatively poor.” As you scroll down, you can see exactly how much you earn by hour or how many years a person from Zimbabwe has to work to reach your annual pay.

No matter if you find yourself being at the top of the list (the 1% richest people alive) or not, you will end up thinking that you are much more wealthier than you thought you were. And if you are feel a little bit of philanthropy running through your blood, you can donate to the charity Care.