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The Top 10 Hotels In NYC for Couples! 

The Top 10 Hotels In NYC for Couples! 


Imagine yourself about to go on a beautiful vacation, and you’ve planned for weeks, and you want to have the most romantic vacation imaginable to please your loved one. Now imagine that you have forgotten to book the hotel. It happens; you get busy. But now it’s almost time to go on vacation, and you’re hunting for the hotel in earnest. You want something romantic and sweet, something to give you a break you will never forget. Unfortunately, not having the right hotel can ruin your vacation quickly and make it go from romantic to a flop. However, by choosing the best and following the tips on this list, you will be giving your loved one the best vacation imaginable. You might be wondering what a sauna blanket treatment price is.

The Westgate New York Grand Central Hotel 


The Westgate New York Grand Central Hotel should catch your eye, and this one certainly accomplishes that. With the best in luxury suites, they offer the best while keeping you close to everything you need. They have an excellent business center, rooms with private bathrooms, and LED mirrors, along with the softest sheets and triple-pane windows to allow you the best sleep. Each room also offers blackout drapes to offer maximum privacy. The hotel also provides a marketplace that has items and smoothies. This hotel has also been made famous in movies, and many social media stars have loved this hotel as well. So follow their lead, and have the time of your life.


The William Vale 


This hotel is one of the most popular hotels in New York because there are always different seasons to accommodate and cultural events that take place. The William Vale has adapted to couples’ events like massages and pool living, ice skating, and winter events. They have an on-site fitness center and an incredible pool with private cabanas and a chef that makes the most fantastic coconut shrimp. If seafood isn’t what you are after, you can try the Chipotle beef tacos with a creamy pineapple jalapeno salsa or watermelon that has lime and spiced chili sugar for flavor. If you still need something more to make you want to come to this hotel, each room has its style and artwork. You also have the best views of the city, and you can have your private balcony. This offers the chance to watch the sunset together.


The Rockaway Hotel, Rockaway Park


How about taking a trip in a time machine? Step back into the 1960s and enjoy the surf culture with the best views and the feeling like you’ve just hit the beach. The rooms are bold and colorful but have a Scandinavian design. A pool makes the vibe friendly and relaxed, while fitness classes are in place if you want to rev it up. This hotel is also pet-friendly, the menus are diet-friendly, and they offer board games and bicycles to rent. There is also a restaurant that offers the chance to dine in perfect relaxation. For visitors traveling from other countries, the staff includes translators in French, Spanish, and German. This is an ideal hotel for having a quiet night in or a fabulous night out. 

Gray Barns 


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Gray Barns used to be a stagecoach stop from the seventeenth century. Now it houses six king suites and a tavern as well as a mercantile. This past year, they have come up with a special package for couples, and it brings the romance with a two pleasant stay, a fireside picnic, and comfortable robes for relaxation. The staff is amazing and kind, and the tavern has fantastic food that you can enjoy. The property is luxurious and offers large bathrooms in each room and activities that you can choose from, including taking a romantic bike ride together. With inventive dishes and desserts out of this world, this is the best place to stay for an anniversary, a wedding, or when you just need to getaway. There are no negatives with this hotel as it offers a top-notch experience when looking for an amazingly romantic vacation.


Nomo SoHo


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Modern and chic, this hotel offers a twenty-four-hour fitness center along with a lounging area. They also provide a coffee shop where couples love to go and hang out and have a great time. The rooms are built for comfort and offer the softest sheets, room service, safes for your belongings, and premium bedding for the best sleep you have ever had. To experience just what this hotel has to offer you, be sure to walk through the garden and the terrace. It will offer a beauty you will never be able to forget. It is the perfect way to show your loved one a beautiful experience. The ideal time to visit this area is considered sunrise or sunset, right as the stars are coming out. 


Sofitel New York 


Sofitel is located in the city of mecca. You will see landmarks such as the cathedrals and times square. In addition to that, you can go to an event at other locations as well. You are in the thick of the hottest attractions, and couples love the convenience. Another service that couples love is the blackout drapes and curtains for maximum privacy and no interruptions. The bedrooms also offer large bathrooms and comfortable bedding that is so decadent you won’t want to do anything but snuggle under the blanket. If you decide to get out and about, you will have so many activities to choose from you may find it hard to choose which ones you want to do first. 


The Pearl 


The Pearl is perfect for couples because they offer a spa. It is enjoyable for couples because they get to enjoy being pampered with each other. It is full service as well, so teams get an extreme pampering and experience and will come away from it feeling boneless and wholly relaxed. The rooms are soundproof and have an iPod dock. The perfect area for romantic dates and cuddling at the end of the day. There are a plethora of activities that bring couples closer together and allow them to have a great time. 


Gurney’s Star Island Resort & Marina


This is one of the most famous couple’s spots. It has a beautiful pool and is located in a rural area on a private beach. You can see the lighthouse and the point. There are special activities to take part in, including hiking, water skiing, surfing, windsurfing, and rafting. Enjoy going in the water as a couple and have a great time. In particular, many find that windsurfing is a freeing and exhilarating experience. You just have to be careful. There are also fishing events, tennis, and an indoor pool, and health clubs. There are restaurants everywhere and a gorgeous state park less than five minutes away! The state park is one of the biggest highlights of the area.


Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa


Another unique private resort! It is on a private beach, and you can see Camp Hero State Park. The area has natural beauty and offers couples the most romantic time. You can take classes and a seasonal outdoor pool, but the favorite for couples is the spa. You have the best treatment and feel all of your cares fading away. After you are entirely relaxed, lose your breath when you see the ballroom. It offers the most beautiful sites you have ever seen, and it’s the reason that this resort is so sought after for weddings. The rooms also offer a beautiful view and a comforting and romantic feel to them and offer the best entertainment when you feel like you need a moment.


The Peninsula


This is an award-winning hotel, and it is very prestigious. Located in the heart of everything you need to see, the hotel is meant for comfort and beauty. A full-service spa and rooftop oasis offers the most romantic views and lets couples pamper each other. There is also a sun terrace and enclosed pool for fun in the sun. 


A lounge provides tea and is the perfect spot for couples to relax and spend time together, while the restaurant offers the most decadent and delicious food imaginable. Another area that couples love is the sauna. It’s perfect after a full body massage and facial treatment. The hotel takes its guests seriously and ensures that your body, mind, and spirit are thrilled and at ease. Enjoy spending time away from the world and enjoying the time together as a couple in this beautiful hotel. Before you leave, go to the rooftop terrace. It’s the perfect place for a midnight kiss.


Embrace The Romance


New York is considered to be a romantic hotspot. There is so much to see and explore, and people come from all over the world to see what this city has to give you. The hotels are beautiful and want to bring romance to your vacation and let you feel the magic of getting away and being together. You have the choice of being together and getting a whole spa experience, making you feel like a million dollars and activities that allow you to have so much fun together. 

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