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The Role of the Real Estate Agent: What to Expect When Buying a Home

The Role of the Real Estate Agent: What to Expect When Buying a Home

They say that buying a home is the most emotional experience you will go through. How could it not be when your finances, future and risk are all tied up together in one investment? Of course, it is also an incredibly exciting time and the start of a fruitful chapter. Guidance from the right real estate agent can have a significant impact on how you feel about this event, so let’s understand what you should expect when buying a home with a trusted real estate agent.

Market clarity

Any real estate agent in Rowville and beyond is facilitating more than just a transactional sale. They are also giving you invaluable market information that can guide your decision-making process. Real estate agents have access to a suite of data and market tools that provides clarity around suburb demand, median house price, auction and sale clearance rates, and a number of other insights that can really move the needle for buyers and sellers alike. If you are buying a home, you want to know what you are expected to pay and what other scenarios might be working in your favour or against you.

Advocating your needs

If you are dipping your toe into the real estate pool for the first time, then you might need some extra support in navigating this decision. Real estate agents, if armed with the right information, can actually seek out homes proactively that might be in your budget or area of preference and alert you to them. Real estate listing websites will never show all the homes available, as sometimes there are private sales or homes that were under offer and have fallen through, or they may even be just about to list a home that no one knows about. 


If you choose to buy a home through an auction, you can work with your agent to find a suitable buyers advocate who will bid on your behalf to save you from making any wrong decisions in the heat of the moment. Engage your local agents and see what they can do for you.

Inspections and correspondence

Sometimes you need to see the home another time outside of the public inspections, and this is when real estate agents can facilitate further inspections so you can take a closer look or bring a partner along. Real estate agents can also be the contact that communicates with the seller to get more information or approve any requests. If you have a settlement period that is longer or shorter than usual, your real estate agent can confirm whether this also aligns with the seller’s goals. They can also provide deeper insight into the previous renovations, quotes received for works and a bit more context to a building and pest report.

Virtual support

Times have certainly changed over the last year, and many are seeking homes in other cities as they relocate to be closer to family or live in an area with less unpredictability. This has meant that real estate agents are even more critical to securing your dream home, as they can give you a video tour of a home and take the reins in getting your offer submitted even if you are not physically in that city.


The ability to buy houses site unseen through virtual house inspections has gone off all over the world, with interested buyers able to direct an agent through every room of the house and give the story of the home in real-time before purchasing. This also means that the agents are doing the same thing for sellers in other cities who are looking to sell their investment property.

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Buying a home without a real estate agent is a path that you might find long and complicated. Instead, partner with an agent who you trust and who really knows the area so you can work together to meet your property ownership goals.

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