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You look spectacular! That look is perfect! These few words sound like music to our ears. Am certain, every fashionable person wants to make that appeal when they step out. Surprisingly, by simply accessorizing your personal style, taste and edginess is elevated in levels! In men’s fashion, whether it’s an official work day or a fun MessyWeekend out, sunglasses are very essential item in bringing in that edge. Therefore, finding the perfect sunglasses is very important. That said, let us discuss 5 top factors to consider when choosing the best sunglasses for you.


  1. Protection from UV rays

Getting protection from the sun’s UV rays is most important benefit of wearing sunglasses. The suns’ Ultra-Violent radiations have a major effect on the skin around the eyes, other inner parts of the eyes and increase the chances of getting conditions such as cataracts. The correct sunglasses which will give 100% protection to the eye from both UVB and UVA is UV4 00. Different MessyWeekend sunglasses offer different levels of protection for all genders. When choosing sunglasses, you must consider the level of protection they provide.


  1. Company brand

The popularity of sunglasses will depend on the particular company of manufacture. Customers will recognize and trust certain brands. This can be based on the quality of the product or a brand has properly marketed itself and hence it is more popular. Going for brands that have been in the market for some time and their products have been proven to be of quality is advisable. Exploring other newer brands can also prove fruitful as they can be more creative when developing their product. This brings in the factor of versatility in personal style, which will be discussed next.


2. Face shape

Sunglasses, similar to our faces come in different shapes. Therefore, finding the best sunglasses to go with your face shape is the most important factor. Among the most common face shapes are square, round, heart, triangular, oval, and not limited to this. To find the best sunglasses for your face understand the shape of your face and find the sunglass that matches it.


3. Versatility

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Do not limit your sunglasses by shape, size, or color. The sunglasses should be versatile enough to cut across the board from a good office day to an after-work party. Other sunglasses are versatile enough to cut across the gender balance and can be used by both male and female customers. Depending on the difference in personalities, some will prefer the conventional sunglasses, and others are more diverse and go for edgier frames


4. Budget

The budget you set up for the sunglasses, will depend on several factors. Most important is achieving maximum protection from the sun’s UV rays. When it comes to achieving total protection from the UV rays the prices of the sunglasses may be a bit higher. This should not hold you back, as the long-term benefits outweigh the initial cost of buying. Factors such as brand, style versatility, and material of frame have a big impact on cost. However, when coming up with the desired budget a few factors such as brand and versatility may be adjusted to fit into the budget.


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