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The Meaning Behind Many Charm Necklaces

The Meaning Behind Many Charm Necklaces

Charm necklaces remain a treasured item of many women today. Some men also choose to wear this type of jewelry, as they believe the symbolism behind their selected charm. When a person goes shopping for a necklace of this type, they need to understand the meaning of different charms. This ensures they don’t pick a piece that sends the wrong message to others unintentionally. The following charms serve as some of the most popular options today, and the meaning behind each one is shared.

Evil Eye Charms

People purchase evil eye charms to protect them from ill fate. They believe the charm safeguards them from the infamous evil eye. Men and women the world over believe that some people can convey ill will with nothing more than a look. If they are the recipient of this luck, they may fall victim to physical or emotional pain in the form of sickness, injury, or bad luck. Individuals in Turkey and India believe in the power of this malicious gaze, as do many other cultures across the globe. Fortunately, the charm isn’t sinister-looking. In fact, it makes for a very attractive piece.

Countless individuals believe wearing an evil eye charm also protects them from strangers and covetous friends. The charm protects them from the evil eyes they can see and those that remain hidden. In addition, it safeguards them from both intentional and unconscious evil eyes. View this necklace with beautiful charms to see if it fits your style.

Butterfly Charms

Butterflies often appear in charm necklaces and it’s easy to understand why. These stunning creatures serve as a universal symbol of rebirth and hope. A person may receive this charm when they are going through a major transition in their life, as they are being renewed and revitalized. The charm reminds the person they are in a period of growth and will come out better on the other side, much as a butterfly does when it emerges from its cocoon.

Flower Charms

Each flower comes with its own meaning, but flower charms, in general, are a sign of new beginnings. Much as flowers emerge from the ground in the spring, a person can emerge from a bad period in their life and start anew. The flower charm also symbolizes love and hope. During the Victorian area, people used flowers to send coded messages. A person might find they can do the same today with the help of a flower charm.

Clover Charms

Many people search for hours in a field in hopes of finding a four-leaf clover. Any person can carry this symbol of good luck with them wherever they go with the help of a clover charm necklace. This beauty of nature is said to symbolize good luck in all areas of a person’s life.

Four-leaf clovers are so rare that a person will only find one for every 5,000 clovers that grow naturally. Each leaf on the clover represents something different. The four aspects are faith, hope, love, and luck. Only four-leaf clovers bring the last aspect, which explains why they remain highly coveted.


Individuals have gifted heart pendants for centuries now because this jewelry never goes out of style. The meaning behind it remains timeless and universal. Men and women usually give this present to someone they love or have a deep affection for. Most necklaces of this type have an elegant appearance and are paired with a delicate chain. However, women will find various styles offered today, including chunky hearts on heavy chains. It’s all a matter of what the woman wants when it comes to her fashion accessories.


Teardrop charms have an appeal that is both timeless and vintage. Many people view this charm as a symbol of their tears of joy. In fact, teardrop diamonds are often found in engagement rings. Thanks to the bold and pointed tip, this shape has an edge that some ladies love. Others focus on the blend of femininity and romance present in the charm.

Lightning Bolt

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People view the lightning bolt as a symbol of one’s power. Whether the bolt has two or three jags, it serves as a representation of the beauty and power of nature that is transmitted to the wearer. In the past, Navajo Indians associated the lightning bolt with salvation and the giving of divine gifts. On the other hand, ancient Greeks saw it as a representation of Zeus and his awesome power and terrifying vengeance. Today, some people view a lightning bolt as a sign of the blinding light of truth.


Coin charms are believed to bring good fortune to the person carrying the charm. People have gifted loved ones with coins for centuries now and often had them engraved with a sentimental message. Although some people chose to carry the coin in their pocket, others would have the coin made into a piece of jewelry they could wear at all times.

This tradition continued during World War I and World War II. Soldiers away from home would send these necklaces home to their loved ones. People referred to them as sweetheart jewelry, and they were treasured by the recipients. It allowed them to feel close to loved ones who were far away.


The sun stands as the brightest of all stars. In past times, men and women used the stars to guide them on their journey, and many compasses came with a star in the background as a reminder of the days of celestial navigation. During Victorian times, a five-pointed or seven-pointed star was believed to bring the wearer good luck. This helps to explain why people wish on a shooting star. Today, individuals of all ages often wear a star charm to bring them good luck.

This is only a glimpse of the many charms offered today. Other options include the starburst, smiley faces, and crosses. Determine what you feel is a symbol of your life and your beliefs and choose a charm that reflects this. When you do so, you’ll find you want to wear this piece regularly. In fact, it may become your go-to piece—the one you wear every day.

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