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The importance & Necessity of Structured Cabling in your business

The importance & Necessity of Structured Cabling in your business

Before we dive deeper into the importance of structured cabling, we need to understand the meaning of structured cabling. As there are people who are not tech-savvy,  having the proper understanding of structured cabling will help them to incorporate it into their business. 


Structured cabling is the key to your business, it can be defined as a type of performance infrastructure that supports a business cabling system or network. 


When you want to implement network cabling into your business, be it optic fibre cables, ethernet network cables, searching for a reputable network cabling service is essential. 


In modern times, ensuring that there is constant high-speed and high-performance communication is important, when you are running a business that operates globally and needs a network that can connect you to long-distance clients. 


Today’s economy is digital, it is important to have a good network infrastructure to run the business smoothly. You need to get in touch with a Commercial Integration Audio Video Firm & Structured Cabling Company. You need to ensure that they fit your workplaces. 


According to the Internet World statistics, 56.1% of people worldwide use the internet, hence it is important for you to use the network cabling services that will benefit your business in the long run. 


Importance of structured cabling in your business

A one-time investment is worth

It is plausible to believe that changing from the point-to-point cabling system to a structured system will be expensive. The cost of installing a structure might be too much at a time. Especially companies in older buildings with less access to the ceiling and subfloor may have to pay even more. But the investment will eventually fructify with time by itself as it will make your employees more effective and lower the IT cost. 

Decreases the time taken to make repairs

As a structured cabling system is divided into a group of devices connected to a single local cabling panel, it is easier for your It profession to identify the problem and solve the issues. An additional advantage is that the user’s work won’t be disrupted if their devices aren’t connected to the cabling panel being serviced. Point to point cabling system is a very entangled affair. If there is some problem, it might take more time to identify the problem and then fix it, it might hamper work and destroy productivity. 

Assists you plan for the future

A cable consists of an average lifespan of 15 years. That makes it two-three times longer than the other devices. So the cabling system functions for a long duration. It can handle the many generations of devices. When you switch to a structured cabling system, it will future-proof your network. No matter how big your business grows, a structured cabling system has the potential to sustain it. 

Provides the more flexibility

With the structured cabling system, adding more devices to the network is much easier and more efficient. Instead of using a new cable from the additional devices to a switch or server using a long cable, your IT professional can simply connect the device to the closest cabling panel. Removing devices is just as easy. You have to disconnect the device from the cabling panel and work is done. No more other cables to find and remove when using the point to point cabling system. 

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A safer workplace

Leaving the cables on the floors in a heap or the tangled system is very dangerous for the staff. Some studies suggest that on average, 31% of the staff slips and trips because of the poor cabling. Tangled cabling also increases the chances of electric shocks and are a fire hazard.

A structured cabling system is a way out for this. 

Final words

Structured cabling is the future, you should be well prepared and equip yourself with it if you have not done it already. It is very smooth and easier to place as well as make your workplace more efficient.  






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