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The art and craft of making custom magnetic car signs from the comfort of your home

The art and craft of making custom magnetic car signs from the comfort of your home

For those looking for a cost-effective alternative to tedious lettering for their vehicle, consider applying magnetic car signs. Since applying and removing them is a cakewalk, car signs are very popular for small businesses. They are a staple of any full-fledged sign-making store. 

Vehicle magnets offer two very crucial ingredients for the success of sign business, new customers and high margins. 

  • You categorize magnetic signs on the basis of different papers and substrates. Technically, vehicle magnets are just vinyl graphics, which you extract from vinyl cutter, before applying them to a flexible and magnetized substrate. 
  • The substrates come in dual varieties, magnetized paper and magnetized vinyl. The latter is usually 12-30 millimeter in thickness. You design them to blend with self-adhesive vinyl. They are ideal for digital printing in large format.
  • It’s available in white and other popular colors, providing a matte finish and gloss. It’s your personal preference to choose matte or gloss, white or red. However, take a note of the pivotal distinctions between the concerned magnets of variable thickness.

Making your own magnets

To make your custom magnetic car signs, buy a magnetic sheet. The two types are pre-cut, perforated sheets or full magnetic sheets. The latter allow creation of your unique car magnet shape. The former allows square or rectangular magnets. Your type depends on the size and shape of the finished vehicle magnet. Make an informed decision.

  • In the second step, use your sharpies and markers for drawing your design on the sheet. Plan your design with a pencil to eliminate potential mistakes.
  • If you want a more structured and professional look, use the greeting card process in the next process. 
  • Turn on your PC and launch the concerned program. You can use Adobe or Photoshop programs in place of the greeting card modality. 
  • Choose a favorable template to transfer the load onto your magnet.
  • Edit the logo, words, and font on the greeting card before saving the design.
  • Load the sheet into your premium printer. The printable side should be down. Adjust each page layout and size to get the magnet’s desired size. print your design.
  • In the fourth step, cut out your design with sharp scissors. For those using pre-cut sheets, use your scissors for cutting down the magnet’s straight edges. 
  • Well, you can deviate slightly from the perforation, but to ensure a truly unique design and shape, let go of the perforated sheets. Choose a single magnetic sheet. 

Fine and flexible materials

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At the premier companies, they use the finest materials to make your custom magnetic signs. The 30-mil white magnetic matte finish entails ultra-premium features. They cut the roll into separate sheets to get the right size. The objective is to make the magnets in compliance with the production schedule of the day. 

They use industry-grade magnetic material. They magnetize the surface with 12 poles. They make sure there are no dead or depleting spots on the surface area. The media’s high quality ensures the magnet’s proper adherence to flat surfaces. There are no air pockets to effectuate an irregular connection between the vehicle’s body and magnet. 

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