The perfect toy for the summer.

What do you do with a supercar on the traffic-clogged streets of Los Angeles when the valet tosses you the keys to a $152,465 2009 Aston Martin Vantage? Hint: the answer isn’t “flee to Mexico” or “scratch off the VIN plate and park it at home until the insurance report’s filed.” The proper answer is push it as hard as you can, from canyon to coast, and flaunt it–show it off as much as possible to the Heidis and Spencers of the world who merely rent massively capable supercars like this for party weekends. Heading south into the deepest, darkest reaches of Orange County confirmed our first impressions of the Aston’s suave looks. There’s not much on the road that resembles this finely drawn roadster, save for its own distant cousin, the Jaguar XKR. It’s awesome to behold. If you sat a fourth-grade boy to draw a sportscar, then taught him how to use CAD/CAM (or let him teach you), you’d end up with a combination of the crisp lines and gently swelling curves of the Vantage. Striking as a coupe, it’s ravishing as a roadster. And in the cabin, there’s more of the intriguing mix of traditional and technical–Steinway-style piano black trim on our test car, graced with notes of aluminum and brushed metal and LED lighting. – From Motor Authority