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Tacloban Travel Guidelines

Tacloban Travel Guidelines

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Tacloban has consistently remained the best option for the islands of Samar and Leyte, yet presently, it is surely great to plan for a couple of days to visit, investigate, and find out about the courageous story of this Philippine city. In 2013, storm Yolanda tore through the city of Tacloban. Tacloban is more vacationer well disposed of after the modify than it was before with a cutting edge makeover and the expansion of greater diversion.You can get Cheap Flights from Tacloban and enjoy your journey. 


Sohoton Natural Bridge


Tacloban is a stunning nature reserve that exceeds anyone’s imagination. Sohoton Bioluminescent Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, with its 841-hectares of a nature reserve, provides both relaxing and intense sports, such as rivers rafting.


Pintados and Sangyaw Festivals


The Pintados Festival celebrates the brave past warriors with locals dressing up in indigenous costumes and colorful face paint and dancing traditional dances for the whole city to see. There are even staged warrior fights by men covered in ceremonious tattoos.


MacArthur Landing Memorial National Park


It’s a time to commemorate war veterans by dressing up in native clothing and face painting, and performing traditional dances for everyone to see during the Pintados On the contrary, there are simulated fighter bouts where the fighters are completely tattooed in old styles.


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River Cruise


Taking a river tour in Tacloban has become one of the finest In the Country, the San Juanico road bridge is the country’s largest bridge, measuring 2.16 kilometers in height. A tribute honoring Imelda Marcos who is Ferdinand Marcos’ wife.


In Tacloban, you’ll find a lot of historical significance and sites that I’d recommend for anybody interested in history or who’d like to chill and enjoy and have some entertainment. Tulane Falls, Salvacion Falls, and Silver Beach are just a few of the city’s natural wonders.


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