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Sun And Fun: Top 7 Aussie Summer Destinations

Sun And Fun: Top 7 Aussie Summer Destinations

When we picture our next holiday, it’s always a sun-tinged location. Nothing recharges the batteries like an Aussie summer destination, and we are so lucky to have so many fantastic options in every direction. If you are looking for inspiration for your next adventure, consider these top 7 spots to sit out the summer. 

  1. Darwin, Northern Territory

Darwin holds a lot of appeal for every kind of traveller, with the balmy climate and unique attractions offering something for everyone. Quench a well-earned thirst at the Ramada Suites Zen Quarter or spend the whole day out meeting the local crocodiles and getting to know more about their habitat. You will also find that Darwin has a rich history of First Nations People, with a number of galleries and museums worth visiting.

2. Hayman Island, Queensland

Hayman Island is on the wish list of just about every Australian. Off the coast of Central Queensland at the northerly tip of Whitsunday Islands, it doesn’t get more beautiful than this location. Hayman Island is synonymous with the fabulous hotel that has been there since the 1950s, but there is plenty to do if you aren’t looking for a hotel stay. You may choose to stay in one of the many other Islands that make up the Whitsundays and stop into Hayman for the day. The choice is yours!

3. Hobart, Tasmania

If you haven’t thought of Hobart as a sunny destination, you might be selling it short! Hobart, and Tasmania in general, can reach some warm weather and can make summer a pretty comfortable season for those who don’t like it too hot on the beach. Hobart has boomed in recent years, with MONA attracting domestic and international interest, and visitors falling in love when they arrive down south. The Salamanca Markets and Battery Point are also great places to visit and soak up that Tassie spirit.

4. Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay has global acclaim with free-spirited travellers being pulled to the pristine beaches and relaxed pace of this NSW destination. You can camp in a beautiful simple campsite or find a boutique hotel for thousands of dollars a night – the choice is all yours in Byron Bay. This is a great spot for couples, solo travellers and families, with Gold Coast and other beaches nearby if you want to get out of the main drag for the day. Be sure to make sure there are no Byron Bay festivals when you are planning to visit, as the little town can get packed very easily!

5. Portsea, Victoria, Victoria

It’s not just coffee and laneways in Victoria, but a number of stunning beach spots just outside of town. Portsea is a fantastic place to holiday, with a beautiful beach and laidback vibe making many call this spot home. Portsea is part of the Mornington Peninsula and just past Sorrento, so there is plenty to do if you plan to spend a little longer on holidays. One thing to note is that it isn’t as built up as the Gold Coast or Byron Bay, but we think the relatively untouched nature of Portsea makes it even more charming.

6. Perth, Western Australia

Queenslanders will have you believe that they have the best beaches… but Perth might just have them beat. Perth is such a fun holiday destination as it has all the allure of a beach town with all the convenience and comfort of a cosmopolitan city. There is no bad time to choose a holiday in Perth, especially for those who like to spend as much time in the water as possible. If you are holidaying with your kids, be sure to tell them about the photogenic Quokkas to get them excited and schedule some time to get to know the local wildlife.

7. Glenelg, South Australia

If you haven’t been to Adelaide before then make sure you start with Glenelg. This stunning beachside location has everything you need – beautiful hotels, boutique shops, restaurants, bars and plenty of places to just watch the waves. Glenelg is probably more on the family side, but there are some edgy areas that you may wish to stay and enjoy if you are travelling with friends or your significant other.

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Whether you’re spending time in Darwin hotels or exploring the MONA in Hobart, we are pretty blessed to have seven fantastic summer destinations so close. Domestic travel is on the rise in light of border closures and the New Normal, so why not explore these great spots in your own backyard?

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