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Storybook: This is how Storybook App is helping children sleep better

Storybook: This is how Storybook App is helping children sleep better

Infants and children need sleep to grow and develop well. Adequate sleep is also essential for their health and immunity. Sleep disorders make it hard for your baby and you to get the rest you both need, which could be a bigger issue. Two-third of children across the globe have sleep disorders. The reasons for sleep disorders may vary, but here’s an incredible tool that allows parents to put their kids to sleep faster than they ever imagined. Storybook offers guided infant massages, bedtime stories, and relaxing music for children. This combined therapy helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and other problems among children. 


Every parent wants to care for and nurture their child instinctively. If you develop a great rapport with your kids now, you could set up a stellar relationship with them for a lifetime. Research in Psychological Science recommends that attentive parents save kids from chronic stress, which causes sleep disorders, digestive problems, memory impairment, depression, and obesity. Storybook is an excellent app that helps parents to create wonderful bonding moments with their kids. It allows them to create a special routine with children to build healthy relationships. 


Storybook is the world’s first and only app that involves parents in the process by guiding them through infant massage techniques. Here’s how Storybook works: 

  • The parents have to create an account and select the issues their kids are having.
  • The Storybook suggests a customized list of stories. 
  • The parents simply have to choose a story from the wide range of stories available on the app. 
  • The app guides the parents through infant massage techniques. They just have to follow the instructions and put their kids to sleep. 
  • The app allows parents to select from the day and night display mode. 


Daniela Vega and Francisco Cornejo, the company’s founders, are parents of two kids and have experienced sleep disorders, stress, and anxiety of their kids. Daniela became a Certified Infant Massage Educator in the middle of a family crisis. She combined infant massage with relaxing music and bedtime stories to put her kids to sleep. Daniela realized that it eliminated the stress and anxiety and improved their sleep. It also helped her to build a strong family relationship. Daniela shared her story on social media, and it went viral with over 1 million views and 33000 comments. This viral story was used to launch the MVP of the Storybook app. 


“In a world where parents and child relationships are constantly under additional stress, Storybook provides much-needed bonding time (or as we call it togetherness-time) where both parent and child are able to relax, connect and improve their relationship without additional screen time.” – Francisco Cornejo (CEO & co-founder)


Storybook is available in over 155 countries with over 1.5 Million downloads. It is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Storybook has successfully raised $800,000 from Jason Calacanis and several other angel investors from companies like Uber, Slack, Airbnb, NASA, and Amazon.

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