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Social media tricks and tips for your Instagram blog

Social media tricks and tips for your Instagram blog

The number of Instagram users is growing every day. Everyone knows that on Instagram, you can post photos and get likes. However, it’s not that obvious how to start an Instagram blog properly in order to attract followers and start earning money. In this article, there are some tips except typing the shrug emoji https://howsociable.com/blog/typing-the-shrug-emoji/ that will help you make your blog modern.

How to start an Instagram blog

Getting started can be tricky. But it’s even more difficult not to abandon this activity in a couple of months. To do this, it is important to answer some questions:

  1. Why do I need a blog on Instagram?
  2. What do I want to convey to people?
  3. Am I ready to invest time, effort, and money in development every day?

When starting a blog on Instagram, it is important to answer yes to these questions. You need to understand that it takes patience to succeed because popularity does not fall on your head overnight.

There will be a lot of work. For Instagram, you need to come up with high-quality content that will carry a certain meaning and thereby attract followers. You need to choose a blog theme in advance and stick to it.

It is important to maintain regularity and publish posts and stories daily to keep followers’ attention. To promote your account, it is also recommended to create a content plan for 3 months.

Choosing a blog theme

When choosing a blog topic, you should carefully consider what types of content people are interested in. This can be information about the life of a blogger, personal photos, a blog in the style of a mini-series.

Some people post information about travelings or create a photo reportage about extreme hikes, publish notes about living in another region, etc. This type of content attracts a large number of subscribers from different countries.

Someone focuses on the ecology and social issues. Information on fitness and proper nutrition is in great demand. Some post on Instagram lessons in various subjects that they know well. Foreign languages ​​are especially popular.

Food blogs also attract a large number of followers. For such a theme, there should be photographs with bright dishes and beautifully decorated table settings.

In reality, there is a huge number of topics that will help you make an interesting Instagram account. The list can be expanded. It is better to choose several directions that will be similar to each other and can attract a large audience to view your account.

The visual design of the profile

Instagram is a social network for visuals. Therefore, you need to take the photos that grab attention in the feed.

Remember that unique content is always better than photos from the Internet. It is not necessary to immediately invest in an expensive photographer. Your iPhone camera will be enough. 

To make your Instagram profile visually appealing, you can use the UNUM mobile app. The app allows you to plan the appearance of your page by moving photos in places. It is necessary to think over the design in advance so that your page will become your business card in the future.

First of all, select a grid for publications and photos that you will post on your account. Through this grid, it will be possible to find out what types of photos can be placed side by side.

Instagram itself can be styled in dark or light colors. But you need to understand that the page as a whole should be designed in the same style. Having chosen a certain color, you need to stick to it constantly. When uploading photos, the blogger should choose from 2 to 3 colors that will always be present in the photo.

Look for great apps with filters and creative effects on AppStore and GooglePlay:

  • VSCO
  • Snapseed
  • Photoshop Express
  • Afterlight
  • Pixlr
  • Picmonkey
  • Enlight
  • Blend Editor
  • Planetical
  • Meitu

Content publishing

Before posting photos and hashtags on Instagram, you should adhere to a number of rules:

  • don’t post several photos in a row at once;
  • post a photo at least every two days;
  • it is best to post photos in the morning or late afternoon when most of the followers are on the Internet.

Instagram has several methods for interacting with hashtags. With their help, you can quickly get to the top and attract subscribers. There are several types of hashtags.

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Branded. The name of the brand, a well-known slogan, or consonant phrases is used. When the followers see it, they pick it up and start describing it in their posts.

Thematic. They allow you to get the target audience.

Hashtags of advertising campaigns. With their help, you can attract a large audience, they often go viral.

Hashtags affecting geolocation. If the company sells certain goods or services, they will be especially effective in your city or country.

You can find quality tags using Instatag, Webstagram, Hashtagify, Gettags applications.

Instagram taboos

Bloggers starting from scratch should know the following:

  • many subscribers react very negatively to a large number of not very high-quality advertising, so do not advertise everything that comes to hand;
  • you cannot use obscene language because the post can be viewed by minors, in addition, you can get banned;
  • it is prohibited to start a religious or political discussion;
  • do not abuse negative topics, show shocking or unaesthetic photos – this will only scare off potential readers;
  • be sure to communicate with readers, if you ignore them, they will begin to unsubscribe.


If you follow our tips, you can get a good income from your blog on Instagram. Of course, your target audience should be active. You can attract new subscribers automatically by creating a task for mass liking and mass following, using different apps.

To keep the blog cool and attract a large number of subscribers, you should not deviate from the chosen topic and update it with constant regularity. And in order to have a lot of subscribers, you need to create a unique profile.


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