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Six Ways to Celebrate a Post-Pandemic Birthday

Six Ways to Celebrate a Post-Pandemic Birthday

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Taking your friend out for some fun and excitement used to be a standard way to celebrate their birthday. Then the pandemic happened, and folks everywhere had to think of new ways to commemorate another year lived. Some opted for virtual parties via Zoom, while others orchestrated socially distanced backyard get-togethers. Others simply opted out, choosing instead to wait until things got better.


Good news! The wait is over! While the Delta variant threatens to send unvaccinated individuals to the hospital,  the fully vaccinated are increasingly allowed to gather and mingle. With this in mind, let’s take a look at six ways to celebrate a post-pandemic birthday:


Live concerts

It’s probably been over a year since your friend went to a live concert. Now that musicians are offering live performances to vaccinated audiences, why not buy tickets to see your friend’s favorite band? If there’s a funny ecard music video featuring one of their hit songs, consider sending it with a message about how it’s too bad you guys can’t see the real thing. Then, surprise them with the tickets! It’ll be a gesture to remember, and a night they’ll never forget.


Casino adventures

When was the last time you or your friend tried your luck at the tables or took a chance at the slots? If the birthday boy or girl is game, consider taking them to the nearest casino for a night of fun and excitement. There’s no shortage of gaming options to consider, from blackjack to craps to roulette and slot machine action. What’s more, most casino resorts feature fine dining and live musical performances, providing even more birthday entertainment.


Weekend road trips

For some friends, nothing beats hitting the open road and exploring what the world has to offer. Given the travel restrictions in place last year, 2021 is a great time to plan a weekend road trip. Whether it’s driving to the nearest major city, cruising to the beach, venturing into a national park, or simply heading in a random direction and seeing where it takes you, a road trip can be a great way to celebrate someone’s birthday. Just make sure they’re available that weekend before booking any reservations!



Another fun activity most of us haven’t done in a while is hit the club. If you and your friend dare, go for broke and plan a night of club-hopping! Just make sure to utilize rideshare services instead of driving. That way, everyone can safely enjoy a night of birthday celebrations.


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Does your friend love to ride rollercoasters? If so, take them to the nearest theme park. Consider going the extra mile and buying all-inclusive tickets. These allow guests to skip long lines and grants them all-you-can-eat access to quick-service dining. Waterparks, county fairs, and carnivals are other options along the same lines as a traditional theme park but tend to feature less intense rides.


Spectator sports

2021 is the year when sports stadiums reopened to the public. If you and your friend are big fans of the local team, buy tickets to their next ballgame. While the birthday boy or girl might not be into the idea of appearing on the jumbotron, they’ll be excited to have good seats to a live game, win or lose. If you can’t find good seats, consider buying them a nice jersey to go along with the upper deck view.


The pandemic gave most of us a new appreciation for the activities and adventures we used to take for granted. Now’s the time to get back to having fun. What better way to get started than to celebrate the birthday of someone close to your heart?


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