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Sidekicks.ai: Holographic companions on a mission to revolutionize education

Sidekicks.ai: Holographic companions on a mission to revolutionize education

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It’s time to say goodbye to social isolation, stress, and learning issues caused by the pandemic. 


~ Here’re the smart, fun, and emotional AI characters to interact with and eliminate isolation and learning issues.  


~Sidekicks are fun to interact with and learn. It’s just like having the most intelligent friend with you to teach you amazing things. 


The startup studio Crazies & Co recently announced Sidekicks.ai, a holographic educational AI assistant. The characters offered by Sidekicks.ai are powered by holographic technology. This technology empowers users to interact with Sidekicks just like they interact with humans. The expert team at Crazies & Co is on a mission to empower humans to leverage the power of AI.


The pandemic has profoundly damaged the mental and physical health of many. Most adults experienced loneliness during COVID-19. Moreover, it took an unthinkable toll on children. They are experiencing an increase in screen time. People need to adjust to reality, and these modern problems require modern solutions. 


Sidekicks.ai is a comprehensive solution to these problems. They are beyond just any other AI assistants that read the weather forecast or switch on the lights for you. Sidekicks are designed to interact and educate the whole family. They are talkative and will never let you feel lonely. In addition, you and your kids will find a best friend and a personal tutor in these characters. 


There are countless things one can learn in their spare time. Learning a new language or a new skill is one of the most enriching things, but it is not so easy. However, it can be easy if you have a good coach around you 24/7. And it will never judge you for any mistakes. 


The AI characters are trained by some of the best minds from MIT, which makes them more intelligent and capable of offering an understandable STEM education for ages 7-107. In addition, these characters are capable of controlling screen time. Their fun personality and enthusiasm to chat and play make them the perfect digital companions for those suffering from loneliness.


Sidekicks are the future of the business. Companies can use them for events and exhibitions. They can successfully announce a product launch or host the entire event with the power of its advanced holographic display in action. They can even start a conversation and make client interaction fun and easy. With Sidekicks, the possibilities are simply endless. 


Many large organizations have appreciated Sidekicks.ai. They have been invited to participate in prestigious programs such as Intel Innovators, Futureworks Incubator, and Y Combinator’s Startup School. Sidekicks.ai also presented at Maker Faire in New York City multiple times, where the crowd just loved them. Additionally, Sidekicks.ai has amazing mentors from reputable companies, such as Pensa NYC in product design, Bravo Media in holographic projections, and E-Bi in manufacturing. 


Today, we live in a world where people want everything “their way.” Modern consumers want to customize things to fit their preferences, and Sidekicks are designed for today’s users. The AI characters offered by Sidekicks are entirely personalized. Users can choose from the extensive range of Sidekicks and customize them according to their preferences. They can also choose to make their own character from scratch using the Sidekicks marketplace, where creators can sell and buy holographic creations. 

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About Us: 

Sidekicks.ai aims to give AI a facelift by breathing life into fun and smart characters. At Sidekicks.ai, we strive to make an AI that people want to live with. We want to create the fun future we all dreamed about since the ‘Jetsons.’ We need your support to make this technology available to everyone. Your support will help us to make Sidekicks affordable and accessible to everyone. 


Media Contact: 

Email: alfred@sidekicks.ai

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