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Showcase Your Garden By Growing Exotic Plants

Showcase Your Garden By Growing Exotic Plants

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It has been a difficult year for many – fraught with uncertainty and with rolling restrictions and lockdowns, which have seen many having to forego travel to warmer climes.

Thankfully, it is possible to bring a slice of the tropics to your own home and highlight a garden with a taste of the exotic. One way to lift the character of a garden space is with the cultivation of lush, colorful subtropical plants.


Installing A Greenhouse


It is quite possible to successfully grow subtropical plant varieties in colder climates, and it can be a very rewarding experience for the home gardener, in addition to the unique touch it can add to the garden area.

Some people may perceive the greenhouse as a rather pedestrian, work shed affair. This is a rather antiquated view, and the modern greenhouse can be a showpiece to compliment the grounds and gardens.

A look at a website like Hall’s Greenhouses will give a good idea of just what is achievable with a modern greenhouse installation.


Why A Greenhouse?


The greenhouse can be thought of in the same way as an arboretum or nature conservatory. It is a controlled environment that acts as a small ecosystem in which ‘out of region’ plants and shrubs can flourish.

The greenhouse operates in a manner that controls the temperature, humidity, and air circulation. The warmer, humid environment greatly benefits more exotic tropical and subtropical species. Indeed, the ability to control the climate within the greenhouse makes it possible to nurture and grow almost any type of plant life.


Creating A Microclimate


The greenhouse can be thought of as a garden within a garden. In actual fact, a small micro-climate is created which operates almost independently from the outside world.

What this means is it is possible to create a small environment that will provide a showpiece for the grounds of a property and a talking point for visitors and guests. With imagination, it is possible to re-create a lush rainforest atmosphere or a stunningly bright tropical oasis with colorful climbers and shrubbery sprays.

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Gardeners may be pleasantly surprised to learn that the maintenance and upkeep of more tropical plant varieties are fundamentally no different from the upkeep of a more traditional garden. The same basic requirements of good soil, watering, and fertilization all still apply.

The natural actions of the greenhouse in creating the microclimate does the rest. 


A Sanctuary For Socializing


A well-planted greenhouse not only lifts the profile of the garden it can also make for a unique socializing area. A larger greenhouse can be decked out with a nice outdoor setting, and enjoyed as a relaxing retreat or the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet drink with friends.

Put away the old perceptions of the greenhouse as a shabby work shed or tool storage area tucked away into the corner of a property. A well-planned installation can become a unique focal point on the grounds of the property and showcase any garden area. 


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