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Sheltie guinea pig- know all about your pet

Sheltie guinea pig- know all about your pet

You can find lots of Guinea pig breeds however most famous among them is the sheltie guinea pig which is used as a pet! This long-haired guinea pig is also known as Silkie and has a smooth coat. They are really shy type however have affectionate personality! 

Sheltie guinea pig makes the best pet however there are some things to know before adopting them. Here we are going to tell you everything about a sheltie guinea pig. 

About sheltie guinea pig- 

They were first developed in the United Kingdom in the year 1970s. This breed was developed by crossbreeding the Peruvian Guinea pig and self-black guinea pig. This animal is also used in shows because of its beautiful luxurious long hair. 

apart from that this furry animal has an affectionate temperament which makes it the best breed among others. You can easily find a sheltie guinea pig for sale. In the United States, sheltie guinea pigs are also known as silkie guinea pigs because of their origin.

Size and appearance- 

Shanti guinea pig had hair as long as 24 inches which give them a shiny smooth coat. If you look at it from the top you will find it is shaped like a teardrop. There are different coat colors available in this breed ranging from white to black. 

When you look at sheltie you will find that it appears similar to the Peruvian guinea pig. but you can differentiate it from the Peruvian guinea pig looking at the direction of hair growth of this animal. The court in the Peruvian guinea pig grows towards a face and in sheltie, it grows back forward to their body. Sheltie cavies grow up to 7-10 inches in length.

Lifespan sheltie guinea pig- 

This pig breed has a long lifespan. These hairy cavies live for an average life span of 5 to 8 years. Also, there is some sheltie reported to live 14 years. But it is important to note that even if you give sheltie proper care and diet still it will not last for 14 years. This was just the highest record 14 years but not every sheltie can cross the record. 

Knowing the lifespan before adopting a pet is important because you should be ready to take care of the pet as long they live. If you are not ready to handle a sheltie for 8 years then go for another short lifespan pet like hamster or rat.


Shelties are affectionate, gentle, and soft among all guinea pig breeds. They are the best pet for your kids because of their gentle behavior. Also, this animal requires a bit more attention, exercise, playtime, and love to make it your ideal pet. 

It is important to note that shelties are very shy at first when they meet their master. Hence it will take time for you to make them familiar with you and open up. Once they get open up with you they will love you their entire life. 

Caring of sheltie guinea pig- 

Because of the long hair of sheltie, they have high maintenance requirements! Sheltie needs frequently grooming on daily basis. The reason why you need to groom it regularly is that urine and fecal matter can be stuck in their hair and so they need to be removed through grooming. 

In this way, your pet will remain healthy and clean.it is not hard to get this let to be groomed but it takes some time. The best way to groom is to use stainless steel com because it is best for their coat. Apart from that, you need to get your pet bathed occasionally. You can use a tub or sink for bathing shelties. The water shouldn’t be too deep or they will be scared.

 This pig can swim in the water but have a hatred for deep water. Shampoos are especially available for this type of pig and so you can buy them from the market. After getting your pet bathed, dry both ear flaps and let them dry-warm and in a quiet place. A blow dryer can be used to make their hair dry.  But don’t burn their hair as they are very gentle.


The Diet of this pig is not different from other Guinea pigs. Sheltie guinea pigs are herbivores and they eat the plant. Some of the food materials for them are- 

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  • Feed grass and hay ( it makes 80% of their daily diet) 
  • Commercial sheltie guinea pig nuggets 
  • Piece of fruit as an occasional treat
  • Fresh vegetables every day 
  • Clean water 

You must be careful when introducing any new food to a guinea pig. This is because when you introduce a new food, their digestive system won’t accept it directly. Start slowly by giving a small amount of new food. Eating too much can also get them diarrhea. 


At every pet store, you can find shelties but be careful from which breeder you are buying. You can expect a price range from $10-$40 for shelties. When buying sheltie, also buy a cage, toys, and foods along with vet bills. Total it will cost $40 to take good care of this pig. 

Other important things- 

Guinea pigs are very social and so it is recommended to get a pair of sheltie instead is a single sheltie. This will make them happy together even master is not around to play. A single sheltie may get bored easily and will not be happy. You may see their abnormal and aggressive behavior when they are alone. 

We hope now you know everything about the sheltie guinea pig and will get the best experience staying with your ideal pet. Make sure to search for interesting games to play with your pet and set up a playground them busy and happy when you are not to play with them. 

Kids can be around them playing as it is safe. If your sheltie shows signs of sickness then do take them to the doctor immediately as they are a very gentle type of animal. Keep them in a safe place so they are not scared by other animals! 

It is not very hard to take care of sheltie guinea pigs but once you get used to it, you will love them and treasure them forever. 


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