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article by Caleb James
photography by David Christopher Lee, Official Site

Through a coalescence of creativity, and timing, Shawn Pereira and Nicolas Saad, the electric pop duo behind  ‘End of Code’  found themselves performing a live set for Ibiza Global Radio on SoundCloud in honor of Bastille Day, July 14th, 2021.  True to form for France’s Day of Independence- End of Code performed with a sense of jubilant freedom that has been a welcome theme for the Summer of ‘21. 

Quick & Melodic, “Deep into Your Soul” Evokes a Sense of Hope

Pulling elements from their album ‘The Beginning’ (March 2020) the live set focused on their hit single  ‘Deep into Your Soul’ written and produced by Pereira and Saad, at the height of the pandemic. ‘Deep into Your Soul’ has a tone and pacing ap pro pros for the times. Quick and melodic, it also evokes a sense of hope. ‘The Beginning’ made such an impression on the international DJ scene it became the official album of BMW Monaco playing in every car sold. Most recently ‘Deep Into your Soul’ became the number one song on RCN Radio in Brazil. 

When I first met Shawn, I could see that this was an individual who was both at the end of one Journey and ‘The Beginning’ of another. His rise to being a celebrated persona is a combination of years of hard work, perseverance and knowing ones worth.

It’s been a 20+ year Success in the Making

Shawn has the rare fusion of being a creative artist who understands the business and logistics regarding music, fashion and art. This amalgamation of left and right brain tendencies  has led Shawn through a fantastic voyage of 20 plus years in the modeling and music industry. 

From Humble Beginnings

Born in Milton, Florida and raised in Southern California, Shawn immediately gravitated toward the carefree, but abundant lifestyle the SoCal Surf scene offered. This is how you how to attract abundance with positive thoughts & abilities. A gifted athlete Shawn excelled in high school and university sports lettering four times. This gave way to a predilection for performing and maintaining a healthy physique.  Shawn’s natural charm and good looks soon found him in front of the camera.  Modeling was a natural fit for Shawn, and he was taking assignments throughout Europe, the Caribbean, and the States. 

Finding himself in campaigns for Tag Heuer, Coca-Cola, and Ralph Lauren-amongst others, Shawn wanted to use his new found publicity for the better. He decided to organize a Hollywood rooftop benefit to raise money for breast cancer research. This ignited a passion for philanthropy and performing. A few months later the genesis of Shawn’s music career began in Jamaica, when he was given the opportunity to do a live set  on a photo shoot.  He realized that his love for music, fashion, performance art and giving back was what he needed to be doing and began devoting himself to writing and producing full time.

It All Started with One Night in Jamaica

 “There was one magical night in Jamaica while I was on a shoot, ” he remembers. “I got on stage and found I loved performing.”

Throughout the late 90’s Shawn continued to work as a model and traveled extensively.  Shawn was honing his craft and talent as a musician, while also writing, producing, and modeling. He made a splash in the renowned Italian Nightlife Scene and was doing live sets weekly. He had found his calling. 

Meeting Nicolas Saad

It was in St. Barths though Shawn’s music career truly began to take shape, when he met Nicolas Saad. From one chance encounter on the beach, Shawn and Nicolas understood that there was kismet to their meeting and soon after, ‘End of Code’ was formed.  The pandemic presented itself with a chance to do something new and fresh. Taking advantage of time and space, ‘The Beginning’ was written and produced by Shawn and Nicolas. Keeping  the end of the pandemic in mind, they set out to invoke a feeling of what the new world would look like at the end of the tunnel. 

Shawn & Nicolas Saad, photo courtesy of Shawn Pereira

 The whirlwind that is modeling and nightlife could exhaust the most resilient of people. Shawn’s ability to maintain his professionalism and his balance of energy can largely be attributed to his marriage of 29 years to his wife Candice S. Klein, an attorney.  A force in her own right, Shawn and Candice exemplify the notion of a Dynamic Power Couple. His son Griffin, 8, acts as a cornerstone and motivation for Shawn. He harbors a strong sense of family and this is clear throughout his many projects and ambitions.

Shawn has a zeal for life that is both chaotic and calming. One knows they are going on a journey,  but one can never be sure where they may end up.  This energy is what has attracted numerous artists and producers to him and his work. From Jack Tempchin, famed musician and lyricist of many Eagle hits, to Steve Duberry who wrote the title track for Tina Turner’s biopic “Whats Love Got to Do with It?”, “I Don’t Want to Fight ” and most recently the DJ team/sound collective ARTBAT. 

photo courtesy of Shawn Pereira

Arguably the Most Interesting Man in the World

During my time with Shawn I couldn’t help but think about Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who performed as Dos Equis ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’(2006-2016). There is no physical resemblance but Shawn has the air of a man well-traveled and knows what he likes. He also carries himself with a rich humbleness that can only be a byproduct of a fine living and a kind spirit. It’s here where I draw the comparison as both individuals understand that abundance and luxury are best suited with calmness, kindness, and gratitude. Shawn is a gentleman in this sense. Having an other-oriented nature he exudes a level of compassion paralleled by few and has a genuine interest with everyone he meets.  A rare find amongst the Los Angeles music scene, or I lament to say, in general. 

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The winding road that has brought Shawn to his current position is no accident. It is the result of years of perseverance, hustling, and practicing appreciation. Most recently he collaborated with Frederic Arnault, CEO of Tag Heuer on a social media post and appeared on NBC’s “LA LIVE”.   On July 30th ‘End of Code’ released a new single  ‘Let The Rhythm Come Down’  written  with Jack Tempchin in Los Angeles, CA

Shawn is encapsulated with indefatigable energy and his trajectory knows no bounds. What remains in his future will be a benefit to us all, as he continues to impart his musical prowess upon the world. 


Shawn can be found @shawnpereiraofficial and @endofcode 


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