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Sara Griffiths, Founder of Wren & Co.,  Elevates  the Cannabis Industry Through Education and Research

Sara Griffiths, Founder of Wren & Co.,  Elevates  the Cannabis Industry Through Education and Research

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    In our anxiety-prone world, many are turning to holistic aids for immediate relief from everyday stressors. Trying to sleep eight hours a day alone can be a challenge.


With National CBD Day on Aug. 8, it’s a great time to shine the light on the benefits of using hemp.


Studies back up what Sara Griffiths has long known – one popular method for improving sleep and reducing anxiety is CBD by naturally calming the nervous system. She has made it her mission to educate the community at large about cannabinoid (including CBD) science. 

“I’ve been curious about the hemp plant and natural medicine for as long as I can remember,” said Sara. “I’ve always loved helping people and after suffering from carpal tunnel pain myself, I needed a better way to heal instead of prescription meds.”


Conducting her research and studies, she began working with a local lab to craft formulas that are now a new generation of approachable, safe products consciously made using clean hemp for whole-body wellness. 

She founded Wren & Co. in 2019 to make hemp products accessible to everyone in ingestable and topical forms (oil, creme, gummies). She desires to elevate the cannabis industry for everyday folks who can benefit from using hemp extract oil. Through her company, Sara delivers consistent, high-end products that are lab-developed and tested for stability, potency, and effectiveness.


A self-proclaimed plant maven, Sara is hands-on and committed to making a difference in the lives of health-conscious people, giving them a healing alternative and healing frequencies from nature.

The popularity of CBD continues to grow as more people are relying on plant-based healing. As the research continues in the medical arena, there is much promise that it will be more commonly accepted by the medical community and the public at large.

“People have long used CBD for medicinal purposes, yet there still is hesitation amongst the general public,” adds Sara. “That’s where my advocacy and product line will help turn the table on misinformation, allowing more people to feel comfortable using CBD to help with common ailments such as anxiety and sleep hygiene.”


Sara knows that finding the right natural solutions for getting to a state of calmness and relaxation is possible with CBD to help with insomnia and the enjoyment of daily activities. 


Small changes can make all the difference. Sara encourages people to begin a low dosage of CBD tinctures as a way to introduce the plant into the body for better living, naturally.

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Sara has made it her mission to create super-powered cannabinoid products that are highly effective. Her organic brand is the perfect solution to add to a daily regimen. 


Wren & Co. offers a complete line of self-care essentials for all-natural relief, using hemp extract oil as an effective solution for a better night’s sleep (the fan-favorite tincture features just three ingredients – coconut oil, avocado oil, and CBD).


“Nature’s medicine is just what the doctor ordered to put your mind at ease to comfort and soothe life’s ailments,” says Sara. “It’s hard to find anyone that hasn’t experienced some disturbance that can’t benefit from CBD. Our customers routinely note such things as better focus, stress relief, and healthier sleep cycles. Educating yourself on the benefits is key to understanding the power of CBD.”

Customer feedback continues to fuel Sara’s passion for helping people feel their best. She has plans to expand her line to include more CBD offerings for beneficial ways to incorporate holistic health into our daily lives.


We can’t wait to see what Sara will do next.

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