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Sapphire Engagement Rings – A Glimpse of Royalty on Your Hands?

Sapphire Engagement Rings – A Glimpse of Royalty on Your Hands?

Are you someone who is looking to break traditions in terms of your engagement ring?


A sapphire engagement ring can prove to be the perfect thing that you are looking for. It is a stunning way to aid your idea of doing something different from the set norms.


Princess Diana in 1981 made it famous, and now the late princess’s engagement ring lies with Kate Middleton. Therefore, you can rest assured that selecting sapphire to be part of your engagement ring will be a regal choice.


Sapphires are sought-after for the variety of color options they provide, unlike the brilliance and fire provided by the diamonds. The reason most people choose sapphires is not their affordability vis-à-vis diamonds but their outstanding colors. 


If you refer to a sapphire engagement ring catalog, you will find a stunning range of options from colorless or white to orange, rich indigo blue to ocean spray blue, champagne, and green too. 


What Should You Consider


A true reflection of your partner’s personality is what you can find in sapphire, with its perfect balance of contemporary expression and classical beauty. That is what you get when you select this gemstone for an engagement ring.


Sapphires come in a variety of colors contrary to the set notion of only blue. You can have color options like purple, black, pink, brown, yellow, orange, green, and even white. Although, the most sought-after colors in sapphire are Ceylon blue and Kashmir.


Some of the not-so-popular sapphire colors are very rare and have a niche audience. Padparadscha is a rare type of fancy sapphire that has a delicate balance of pink and orange. The availability of a variety in terms of color ensures that every gemstone is different from the other subtly.


The quality and the carat weight are what determine the cost of a sapphire engagement ring. As a thumb rule, you can make a note that the sapphires cost a little less than the diamonds. Typically the range in which sapphires sell is about $500-$2000 per carat.


What Should You See


The Crucial Aspect of Sapphires 


All sapphire engagement rings have common foundational factors that help to grade them – the 4Cs. These are namely cut, clarity, color, and carat. The quality of a sapphire gets primarily determined by its shape and color. Therefore, when you decide to get a sapphire for yourself, you should be aware of these quality factors that determine the gemstone’s value.


The Best Cut for Sapphires


When you purchase any gemstone, a vital point that you should always keep in mind is that different cuts work differently for each of them. It is crucial to keep this aspect in mind while narrowing down your shortlists. However, sapphires look great in any cut, and the oval cut helps to bring out the gemstone’s vibrant colors the best.


For a gemstone, light is a very crucial element to heighten its features. In the case of sapphires, oval cuts allow maximum light to travel through the gemstone thereby helping to enhance its colors and also ensuring that it does not look flat.

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Ideal Settings and Metals for Sapphires


Sapphires can look stunning in both traditional as well as contemporary ring settings. The diversity of colors that sapphires have helps to make them look great against white metals like white gold and platinum.


You should also note that depending on the shade of stone you finally shortlist for the engagement ring, it can look great even against the warm hues of rose gold and yellow gold.


Durability of Sapphires


Sapphires are hard and get a score of nine on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This aspect makes sapphires suitable for your everyday use too. If used with care, a sapphire can last for a lifetime, and you can easily pass it down to your next generation.


The sourcing of sapphires is also a point of concern for gemstone seekers. Thailand, East Africa, and Sri Lanka are some of the best sources of sapphire stones in the world. However, you should note that if you are looking to procure a gemstone from its source or origin country, it can incur a hefty fee.


So, this article tries to give you a sense of what all should be in your mind while choosing a sapphire engagement ring. Sapphires will need your attention, unlike diamonds which are very strong and do not need any regular care. You can choose a metal for your band and the setting that does not get loose over time and helps to keep your stone intact in its place.


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