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July Birthstone: Ruby Buying Guide & Gift Ideas

July Birthstone: Ruby Buying Guide & Gift Ideas


The most expensive ruby ever sold was the Sunrise Ruby. The 25.5-carat Burmese-gem ring sold for $30 million in 2015. Rubies have been beloved gemstones for centuries, at least since 200 BC when the stones were traded on the North Silk Road in China. Along with amethyst, diamond, emerald, and sapphire, the ruby is one of the traditional cardinal gems. The pink to blood-red gemstone gets its redness from the element chromium. But more romantic interpretations of the ruby’s color have paved the way for it symbolizing passion. The gem also symbolizes courage and protection. As the birthstone for July, a piece of jewelry containing a ruby is an ideal choice for a loved one’s birthday. But rubies also make excellent gifts for anyone who has a little flair and passion. If you are considering buying a piece of ruby jewelry for your loved one, check out the following buying guide and gift ideas.


What to Look for When Buying Rubies


Unlike other precious stones, rubies are not graded using a scale or ranking system. So, when buying items like a ruby necklace or ring, you need to look at the ruby’s properties to discern its quality for yourself. Begin by looking at the color of the ruby. You will want to pick a shade of red that is suitable for the recipient. Some people prefer a pinkish hue while others like a deep red.


Rubies can contain extinctions, which are noticeable internal black or gray patches. If a ruby contains extinctions or inclusions, it is worth less than a ruby with fewer blemishes. That goes for the inside of the ruby as well as its surface. Rubies without any blemishes obviously cost the most. When purchasing a piece of jewelry with a ruby, hold the ruby up to natural light so you can clearly see the extractions and inclusions it contains.


A ruby’s saturation and tone can also determine its quality and cost. If you are looking at a vivid ruby, where the color appears to be rich and much more intense, it will almost certainly be more valuable and higher in price.


You will also want to look at the cut of the ruby, but the cut you decide to buy should be determined by what you think is most suitable for the recipient. Standard ruby cuts for pieces of jewelry are ovals, cushions, round shapes, or marquise. For something more unique, you could choose something like a heart shape.


Gift Ideas


You will find rubies in many types of jewelry pieces. You could buy ruby earrings or cufflinks, or a ring, pendant, necklace, or brooch. When determining what type of jewelry to purchase, your primary consideration should be the loved one who is receiving the gift. Does she or he generally wear rings or necklaces? What styles does she or he prefer? The more you think about your partner, friend, or family member, the more you will be able to come to the right decision.


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To help you get started with ideas, consider these options. You could buy a necklace with a ruby halo or a floral pendant with a ruby cluster. For earrings, darker tones often work better. Vintage earrings can also be a great option. Bracelets with rubies can work well when paired with other precious stones like diamonds or sapphires.


For something really unique, consider purchasing a bespoke piece or an item of ruby jewelry that is etched with something significant and special. As long as you give lots of thought to your loved one’s ruby present, you are sure to find the ideal gift.





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