If you are in search for an adventurous, rocky environment complete with top-notch lodging services, check out the incredible Piedras Fasano Hotel! Designed by Isay Weinfeld and located in Punta del Este, Uruguay, this unusual accommodation unit comes with private homes, hotel bungalows, a spa, an equestrian center, golf and polo fields, plus a three-kilometer beach stretch.

The resort consists of various scattered buildings, with an exterior design inspired by the natural roughness of the landscape. The owners chose to build more small-sized buildings, rather than a massive single structure, for a minimum environment interference. The receptions is hosted in the old house of the previous owner and its design sets the tone and the atmosphere for the rest of the units. Wood is the material employed throughout, inspiring coziness and an overall welcoming feel. The rooms are all designed in a modern fashion, with exposed concrete and stone adding a charming visual effect. For more information, reservations and rates, check out the official website of the hotel here.