Designed to encompass “reptilian opulence” and the mystical boldness of nature softened by the action of modern technologies, this stunning piece of furniture lends elegance to its surrounding space. After presenting the Refined butterfly-adorned Mademoiselle Armoire and the LÉ LÉ Bench on Pursuitist, the Temptation Console comes as a natural exploration into the untamed elegance of natural elements. The Temptation Console comes from Old Town Manassas-based Koket studio.

Its curvacious body imitates the organic shapes seen in nature, while the two main elements merge to create a fantastic, luxurious furniture piece. A four drawer top wrapped in a bronze metallic embossed python lamb skin rests on four elegant legs. Displaying a width of 140 cm (55,12’’), a depth of 45 cm  (17,72’’) and a height of 90 cm (35,43’’), the Temptation Console is a perfect piece of furniture for those undoubtedly in love with luxury.