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Real Estate Investment In Coastal Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil

Real Estate Investment In Coastal Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil

Anyone who has visited the city of Salvador in Bahia, Brazil or the neighboring towns will know Praia do Forte. It’s a scenic coastal town about 50 miles towards the north of Salvador city along the coastal highway. It’s about 30 miles from the international airport, which makes it easily accessible by air.

The coast around Praia do Forte is a peaceful region with beautiful beaches and is home to a variety of tropical trees and birds. Praia do Forte is a resort town and is very popular with tourists visiting the region. It is also a great place to live and the real estate in Praia do Forte commands a premium relative to the surrounding towns.

What Makes Praia do Forte So Special

Praia do Forte was once a quiet fishing village, but has developed into a tourism center. Serious fishing has taken a back seat in recent times. A few fishing boats occasionally moored near the beach are the only signs of the traditional profession.

The town offers a lot more than most coastal towns and villages would offer. Water sports, turtle conservation, whale watching, bird watching, fishing, hiking … you name it, and it’s available in Praia do Forte.

With its calm and relaxed atmosphere, scenic natural settings and wide variety of entertainment options, Praia do Forte has developed the reputation of being a peaceful getaway. It’s a dream come true for nature lovers and those who love beach activities.

The coast near Praia do Forte has beautiful palm-lined beaches stretching for miles to nearby villages. One of the major attractions of these beaches are the refreshing natural pools that form as the water recedes during low tide. These natural pools are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Within Praia do Forte, you can get to most places on foot. The restaurants and beach huts here are famous for their varied cuisine and there are numerous shopping boutiques selling interesting merchandise.

Major Attractions In Praia do Forte

The town is famous for its conservation projects like the Tamar turtle conservation project. It’s part of a larger effort to save the sea turtle population along the Brazilian coast. It has over 20 centers in the country and one of them is at Praia do Forte. Project Tamar is a great place to take a close look at turtles, fishes and other marine creatures naturally found in the region.

Another marine conservation project in Praia do Forte is the Humpback Whale Institute. It was set up for conservation and for studying the behavior of these mammals. Whale-watching trips are also available for those who wish to take a closer look at these animals in their natural habitat.

Sapiranga Ecological Reserve is a must-see place for nature lovers. It is a botanical reserve spread over 600 acres and is full of tropical vegetation with many exotic plants and flowers. You will also see many interesting birds that are unique to the region. 

Active people and sports enthusiasts can look forward to hikes in the Sapiranga Reserve, surfing, paragliding and horse riding. Fishing trips are also organized from the beaches.

You Will Like The Warm Tropical Climate

Praia do Forte has a tropical climate and this keeps temperatures between 20°C and 30°C for most parts of the year. It’s comfortable outdoors thanks to the continuous sea breeze, which sweeps away the warm air during the day. The rainy season starts in April and could extend up to September. Peak rainfall occurs from May to July.

The nice weather and the peaceful atmosphere make Praia do Forte a great place to live in. The tourism-driven economy provides plenty of opportunities for several types of businesses from small shops and restaurants to large resort hotels.

The town has an active real estate market with steady demand. All types of properties ranging from budget apartments to large luxury seafront homes change hands regularly. Commercial properties of all types and sizes are also available.

Apartments In Praia do Forte

The town has many options when it comes to homes and at the lowest end of the range are budget apartments. They start from around BRL 225,000. Even these basic one-bedroom apartments come with about 50 sq. meters of carpet area. The condominiums usually offer good facilities like security, parking, garden, swimming pools and recreation areas. 

Midrange apartments are about 160 sq. meters in area and usually come with two to three bedrooms. You may also get seafront apartments just a stone’s throw away from the beach. Prices are currently around BRL 800,000, but it depends on the facilities and the location.

Luxury apartments are usually part of seafront condominiums and offer resort style settings and facilities. You can expect to pay upwards of BRL 1.5 million for a luxury apartment with four bedrooms.


Houses For Sale In Praia do Forte

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Houses start from about BRL 300,000. A basic house will have about 50 sq. meters carpet area with some surrounding land and one or two bedrooms.

Mid-range houses will cost about BRL 3 million. At this price, you will get large houses either standalone or within gated communities and close to the beach. You can expect houses with four to five bedrooms, a private recreation area with a swimming pool. If you buy a house in a condominium, you will have access to additional common facilities.

At the top of the range in the housing market are the high-class luxury mansions. They come with a price tag above BRL 5 million. You can expect minimum five bedrooms, a premium location, premium architecture and excellent leisure facilities.

Buying Housing Lots

Instead of buying a home, you can also buy undeveloped or semi-developed land and do your own construction. At the lower end of the range are lots costing about BRL 400,000 each. They will either be independent or part of a gated community.

The mid-range lots cost about BRL 750,000 and are usually in a condominium in a good location close to the beach. At the upper end of the market are large lots with areas upwards of 700 sq. meters. They are usually in premium seafront condominiums with excellent common facilities. Expect to pay about BRL 3 million for these premium lots.


Commerical Real Estate In Praia do Forte

Commercial real estate consists of small shops, restaurants, pousadas, farms and other types of running businesses. The prices of shops and other outlets will vary greatly depending on the location and other factors.

Farms are available from about BRL 250,000. Large tracts of land for development into commercial projects like residential communities, resorts and hotels are also available. 


Praia do Forte is a coastal tourist town near the capital city of Salvador. It has several attractions and is a wonderful place to live in. The town has an active real estate market and is a great place to buy residential or commercial real estate.

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