If you love dreaming of big adventures, exploring the world around you and tapping into those pure endorphins that send a shiver of excitement down the spine, then the Quadski should be the number one luxury toy on your list. The day of the ultimate all terrain vehicle mixed in with the ideal personal watercraft has arrived, and the result is more powerful and sophisticated than you could ever imagine.

The Quadski is sheer innovation; a high powered BMW engine, fast acting wheel retraction, and impressive speeds of up to 45 MPH makes the Quadski stand out from all other superyacht toys and tenders. Max out your pleasure levels on the land and the sea with the best amphibious ATV to ever hit the luxury toy market. Adventurous souls, offbeat explorers and adrenaline junkies will find their needs satiated by what the Quadski can offer and the possibilities truly are endless.


Whether you love wakeboarding, water skiing, wave jumping or simply hitting top speeds and feeling the powerful surge of a jet-ski, then the Quadski can take life in the fast lane one step further. When the sun is shining, nothing beats spending the afternoon pushing your limits and working with Mother Nature as you jump the waves, embrace the swell and splash in the white water until every ounce of energy is spent.

Quadski Pursuitist1

Off Track Exploration

It’s not only on the waves that the Quadski makes its mark; this is the ultimate ride when it comes to offbeat exploration. Whether you want to soar lake shores, escape islands, lose yourself in amber sand dunes, track wildlife deep into the trees or simply hit the open waters, the unrestrictive nature of the Quadski actively encourages exploration of all the senses in all environments.

Quadski Pursuitist2

The Great Outdoors

The breeze in your hair, the sun kissing your skin, the flush of pure energy rattling your bones, with a Quadski you can truly embrace the great outdoors, step in line with nature and send those happy hormones through the roof. The Quadski allows you to escape boredom, to reduce stress levels and to always have the opportunity to strike gold with a new adventure that fires your imagination. You can feed your need for speed, you can keep your body young, your mind fresh and you can appreciate the world around you.

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