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Private Jets: Rich Travelers Avoid the Crowds

Private Jets: Rich Travelers Avoid the Crowds

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, COVID-19 has other plans for the world. It sounds like an introduction to a horror film, and at times it felt like travelers were playing the lead part. The Delta variant is offering the coronavirus another bite of the cherry, but thankfully humanity is a step ahead and not waiting around for everyday life to be disrupted any further.


There are measures available to get life moving back to the way it was in pre-pandemic times. While life will never be the same again, it is possible to take a business-as-usual attitude without being too cavalier by using a luxury private jet service.


Let’s look at the positive ways we can go forward, and the first one is to avoid the mosh pit at all costs.


Relaxation of Travel Restrictions


The UK government’s relaxation of travel restrictions in early October, as well as the US government’s relaxation of rules for vaccinated European visitors, has boosted demand for private jet flights. Wealthy travelers are booking short breaks or holidays by private jet well into the autumn period and much later than usual in the run-up to the holiday periods.


From the beginning of October, the rules have changed for travel to and from the UK. 


The UK government has replaced the present traffic light system with a single red list of nations and more straightforward travel procedures for visitors from other countries traveling to and from the UK. Red zone nations will remain on the list to protect public health.


In addition, fully vaccinated travelers will no longer need to take a Pre-Departure-Test when traveling to Britain.


Fully vaccinated travelers and those who have an approved vaccination from a few non-red nations can take a lateral flow test in place of a PCR for their day 2 test. These changes begin in late October, decreasing the cost of tests after arriving in the UK. 


These initiatives will begin to take effect by the end of October or early November, just in time for travelers to return from half-term vacations.


While this is excellent news for those holidaying in the UK, Europe, and beyond, the fact is there’s still a health risk, so some other questions need answering.


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Why Fly Private?


It’s convenient, that’s the first answer – you have complete control over your schedule.


Unlike general commercial flights, private aviation can adjust take-off and landing schedules at short notice to allow plan modifications. Passengers can have flexibility, and it’s not uncommon for plans to change the destinations, to reroute to locations other than the one on the original itinerary. Flexibility like this with commercial airlines is not possible.


Speedy boarding means less time in the airport. Passengers flying by private jet enjoy a fast boarding procedure. Flexibility means quicker journeys and a minimal chance of flight cancellations due to strikes or other disruptions.


Private jet passengers do not share terminals with commercial airline passengers after they arrive at the airport. On the other hand, they fly through specific private-jet terminals known as Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). As part of the service, desk staff will greet passengers arriving at the FBO to make them feel at home. However luxurious and accommodating the FBOs, travelers don’t usually spend much time on the ground because of the fast boarding times.


Not only that, all transfers are efficiently handled upon arrival: as soon as the plane lands, a limousine, taxi, or helicopter is waiting to transport guests to their next destination.


We hope we have helped point out that flying private covers the practicalities, but what about the other benefits?


Increased Productivity


When time is money, sometimes holidays overlap work obligations, and it’s at this time being productive is the ticket to getting on holiday faster. Because there are no layovers between airports, a business can continue, and employees do not have to work intermittently; they can continue until they have finished the project.


Private aviation for business generates over 150 percent in productive working time. When stillness and concentration are required, private jets provide the ideal environment. Passengers will benefit from fewer restrictions onboard and an increased tolerance for carry-on bags to special equipment and precious cargo (pets), not forgetting liquids.

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Go Further, Go Faster


Improved interconnections are possible via business aviation. Private planes go to a greater number of airports than commercial planes, many of which are in isolated locations that would be cut off from the rest of the world due to travel difficulties. From Aberdeen (Dyce), Buochs (Lucerne), Bolzano, Braunschweig, Le Castellet, Cannes, Melun, Sion, Siena, Salerno, Samedan, Payerne, Toulon, and Zeltweg, private jets can fly to around 984 sites in Europe, including specialised private-jet and international airports.


Business Aviation can save you up to 2 hours on each journey, allowing you to travel faster and achieve a healthy work-life balance. You have more time for yourself and can devote it to planning your next meeting as well as spending time with your loved ones.


Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash


Arrive at your Destination Safely


Private jets are designed for privacy and anonymity. A quiet space onboard a private plane can help you to concentrate and promote sensitive discussions when traveling as a group. Passengers can discuss essential matters undisturbed and prepare for their upcoming meetings while traveling to their destinations. 


Travelers do not have to assemble in congested areas, which are more likely to be the target of terrorist attacks, and FBO airport operations are designed to minimize intrusive queries from security employees, media outlets, and other prying entities.


Private Aviation Helps the Economy

Flying on a private jet contributes to economic growth. Indirectly, private travelers help the world economy. The aviation (aircraft handling and maintenance) and non-aviation sectors (catering, general staff, and ground crew) benefit from business aviation globally. 


The industry has a crucial role in spreading growth from regions of various socio-economic statuses by increasing territory connections thanks to a more extensive network than commercial aircraft.


All in all, flying private is about more than avoiding the crowds.


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