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Premium cannabis accessories for the cannasseur 

Premium cannabis accessories for the cannasseur 

In the past few years the marijuana industry has seen a massive boom and become incredibly successful. This is mostly due to the fact that in quite a few countries, it has now become legal to both sell and use marijuana outside of just medical purposes. In addition, it is also now easily accessible at online stores because of the massive migration to the e-commerce world, as well as  physical traditional stores. 

Its popularity has also come from the large variety of products that the market has to offer and give users a variety of methods to consume cannabis products. Be them mind altering ones or CBD that will make you feel calmer and allow you to relax, there’s something out there for everyone. 

If you are looking for the best cannabis accessories available, here are a few of the most premium accessories for the cannasseur. 

Rosin Press 

Although a relatively new product when it comes to the world of cannabis, Rosin Presses are making waves and are a fantastic method of extracting the a concentrate, lifting the quality of the product. A technique that originated in Jamaica in the 1970s, the rosin press is essentially anything that can be used to extract cannabinoids through the use of heat and pressure. 

A rosin press works by placing a product between two heated plates and applying enough pressure to extract the desired product from it. They can come in the form of both hydraulic or pneumatic, hydraulic rosin presses making use of compressed liquid pressure and pneumatic making use of air pressure, such as the ones that www.smokecartel.com gives guides on how to use. When it comes to choosing between the two it is said that the pneumatic rosin presses are typically the better option to go for as they tend to be easier to use and maintenance is very minimal. 

Dry herb vaporizer 

By now, most people know what a regular standard vaporiser is and that it makes use of some kind of liquid in order to create the vapour which is inhaled. Dry herb vaporiser’s use the same idea and concept of inhaling vapour as opposed to smoke. The difference is that it also makes use of that actual cannabis herb in the vape instead of a Vape juice extract from CBD or liquid. 

Dry herb vaporisers allow cannabis users to inhale discreetly through the use of a small device that can be hand-held and stays lit

Dry herb vaporisers can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colours depending on what you are looking for and what is most suitable for you. Some are far more portable than other as some come with class parts that may be more fragile and breakable, or some may not be as easily concealed or discreet. You have the option of choosing between two types of heating methods, convection being the better option but also more expensive, and conduction being slightly cheaper but also not as good as convection.  

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Dab rig 

Sometime just a regular joint to puff on or a bowl isn’t sufficient enough and you need something that will give you a much stronger hit in a short amount of time. A dab rig is exactly what you have been looking for in order to get this kind of high. Dabbing can be compared to taking shooters instead of sipping  a drink slowly.

A dab rig is a product that makes use of concentrated cannabis products such as waxes, rosin, and oils. They are made up of 3 separate parts, the glass piece, the nail. An extra piece you will need to purchase is a torch. These are all the basic things you will need in order for your dab rig to function, however, additionally you could purchase a dabber which will aid you in the dabbing process. 

A dab rig works by placing the concentrated product on to the nail which sits in the glass piece and then heating it up with the blow torch. The dabber can be used by heating it up with the torch instead allowing for no combustion to happen while in the process of dabbing. 


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