Transformed from a former bakery into an elegant holiday villa with respect for its surrounding architecture, Villa Gaia in Santorini, Greece is the perfect hideaway for couples in love or small groups of friends. The retreat consists of two cavernous homes, set one on top of the other, each offering phenomenal views of the sea and neighboring volcano.


The interiors of Villa Gaia are defined by a beautiful Cycladic design, combined with minimalist features. The white walls provide a continuous flow from the living rooms to the bedrooms and all the way towards the magnificent terraces. It is here, in these charming balconies, that guests can take in the atmosphere of Santorini, while also enjoying a high level of privacy. The villa has a total of three bedrooms, outdoor furnishings and a good location for exploring the island’s most sought after attractions. A stay here will cost from €640/night, depending on the season.

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