Finally, LV has personalization for their bags. We love it. Makes them even more unique.

Everyone recognizes Louis Vuitton’s label since the brand has been personalizing their creations for over 150 years. The aim has always been the same – to create truly unique pieces. And now, LV offers their customers to have their buyings personalized with Mon Monogram. It is possible to do with the classic and business versions of LV Speedy handbag and Pegase 55 suitcase. haIf you like the idea, you can add three two-tone letters with two diagonal straps. The color palette includes 17 tones so everyone could find a combination for himself. Starting from June Louis Vuitton stores will be demonstrating customers on-the-spot digital versions of what their personalized suitcase will look like. And in case the customer likes it, it will immediately be sent to the brand’s artisans. – From The Insider