The most sophisticated car museum in the world opens its doors at The Vault at Bighorn in California. The exclusive car collectors garage at the Bighorn Golf Club, the premier lifestyle community located in Palm Desert, is a paradise to where car enthusiasts can celebrate their passion.the_vault_the_big_hornOnly elite members of this private golfing club were offered the opportunity to park their exotic cars in the super exclusive private garage for a price of an initiation fee of $110,000 plus $6,500 in annual dues. And to be a member at this prestigious club, it costs $100,000 sans golf privileges. Along with the golf facility, it offers individual membership for $250,000. That sums up to be a super investment to put your car up on such a sophisticated platform.the_vault_the_big_horn_7Home to the rare and top end cars like LaFerrari Hybrid Super Car, 1933 Cadillac Chrome Limousine, 1932 Ford Custom Roadster, “Boydster ll”, 2008 Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR and the likes, the 24,000-square-foot facility is boasting of a waiting list.the_vault_the_bighorn_1 the_vault_the_bighorn_3The first and only club to offer a premium car showroom with a social aspect sold out the limited space for 50 automobiles and four motorcycles prior to commencing construction in 2014.the_vault_the_bighorn_7The most dramatic feature at The Vault is the handcrafted vault-style doors, designed by Curt Jaeger, which retreat back to reveal the most stunning car collection ever assembled in one location. Vaulted ceilings feature some of the most impressive car manufactures in the world, prominently illuminated above. the_vault_the_bighorn_8The high-tech, climate-controlled facility also boasts high security and cutting edge technology in form of fingerprint scanners, 360-degree HD cameras and 4K ultra high-definition televisions.the_vault_the_big_horn_8While Vault Members’ world class automobiles are the true eye candy of The Vault, the most exciting new addition is the Virtual Race Simulator where a member can virtually race every brand of car on any track in the world.the_vault_the_big_horn_virtual_simulator the_vault_the_big_horn_virtual_simulaotrLos Angeles Times Via Bighorn