Music is a joy to the living soul and without it, life shall cease to exist! Over a period of time we have seen many beautiful musical instruments and the awesome music that has been made. The first analog synth came into existence in 1920s, since then it has continuously evolved with latest technologies. During the era of evolution, Moog Music – a company that manufactures musical instruments – came into existence. Now, the company is celebrating its 10th anniversary with introducing a limited edition Moog Voyager. The monophonic analog synthesizer is made out of finest materials like black piano lacquered cabinet and 24 karat gold dipped chassis. All pieces are handcrafted in the US in limited edition of only 31 units, out of which just 30 pieces will be available for purchase.

Priced at $15,000, Moog has designed and crafted this special analog synthesizer to acknowledge thousands of Minimoog Voyager customers across the globe and presented it as a token of gratitude to them in this modern world when most of the music lovers are influenced by digital synths like Casio, Yamaha, Korg, etc.

Mike Adams, the CEO of Moog Music said, “we are so thankful to the thousands of Minimoog Voyager customers for making the Minimoog the best selling analog synth of the last decade. Without them, we may not have been able to continue hand building instruments in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Sending each and every one of them a small gift is a small gesture of our immense gratitude.”