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Minimize Equipment Breakdowns With These 5 Tech ideas

Minimize Equipment Breakdowns With These 5 Tech ideas

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Equipment failure is a common occurrence in most industries. It can significantly hamper the operations of an organization. The worst part about it is that it can happen when you least expect it, leading to delays and lowered productivity.  


Have a look at your home garage or warehouse, and you’ll be surprised by the number of damaged equipment. Some may be more important than others, but this shows how faulty equipment can affect your day-to-day tasks.


 That said, having your equipment in top condition is critical, and technology saves you the trouble. Nowadays, you can detect malfunctions in your equipment early enough and make the necessary repairs before they cause major damages. Sounds great? There are many technological ways to prevent equipment breakdowns. These include;


  1. Equipment monitoring


Monitor your equipment to unearth issues before they cause significant damages. To achieve this, invest in equipment monitoring systems to gauge the condition of your assets. This involves the use of sensors to test or measure key components of your equipment.


 These devices will help measure inputs such as vibrations, temperature, heat, and light. 

These conditions can cause equipment damages, and having them in control makes a lot of difference. The sensors will then transmit data to machine operators and notify them if something is wrong. This way, you prevent downtime and avoid machine damages before they happen.


  1. Schedule preventive maintenance- Use of modern tools & software


Maintenance is a critical aspect of your equipment, and how you undertake this matters a lot. Most people prefer to examine and repair their equipment after breakdown or damages. This isn’t a good idea, though! Have you ever thought of ways to manage minor repairs earlier? 


Here’s how to do it; 


Acquire preventive maintenance software to help you diagnose minor issues with your equipment. This then allows you to sort any problems before they cause major damages to your machines. If you can schedule Risk-Based Maintenance, the better.


 It will help you analyze the probability of equipment failure and the consequences. Also, it will enhance the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment. You also intensify productivity and minimize injuries to workers that may result from handling faulty equipment.


  1. Stay updated on maintenance information.


All equipment comes with an instructions manual. It’s always good to go through this, but it may not be enough. Gather more information on the best ways to maintain your equipment, and the internet has it all. Through a simple online search, you’ll get various tips on proper equipment care, troubleshooting, and many others ways to maintain your machines in excellent condition. 


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  1. Advanced employee training


Improper handling of equipment can result in damages and malfunctions. One great way of avoiding this is employee training. Again, technology keeps on changing, and updating your workers on the latest information does the trick. 


Train machine operators on the best way to handle the equipment, and share the latest information on proper equipment handling. The parts are also bound to keep on changing. Train them on the latest accessories and how to install them. This will not only avoid equipment malfunctions but will minimize Warehouse losses resulting from employee accidents and injuries.


  1. Beware of potential defects.


Even when you schedule preventive maintenance, it’s advisable to eliminate any potential defects with your machinery. How can I achieve this? Research more on your equipment and identify the common defects that could lead to machine breakdowns. Learn of the past failures experienced by other operators and compare this with manufacturer notices. This way, it’ll be easy to handle the defects and ensure the smooth running of your equipment.


Final thoughts


All machines are susceptible to damages or failure. However, there are ways to minimize this and prolong the life of your equipment. With the many technological advances, this has never been easier. The best way to achieve this is through training your workers on proper equipment handling and performing preventive maintenance on all your equipment. This may not eliminate the risk completely but will save a lot of time and money on repairs.


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