Building a green home with no compromises in style and comfort is what Formwerkz Architects strove for, when designing the Maximum Garden House in Singapore. The residence features a green curtain wall, a distinct and original feature of its architecture.

Maximum Garden House in Singapore has an intriguing appearance to say the least. The architects explain:”Enclosing part of the building façade on the upper floor is a layer of planting system we devised to behave more like a curtain wall. Its primary function is to perform as a privacy screen and to keep the rain out. We were particularly thrilled with this detail as it approximates to an organic envelope. The curtain of plants coincides building performance with man’s affinity for nature“.

Especially built for a family with two children, the house maximizes its “playing potential’. The sloping roof terrace is perfect for spending family time outdoors in a creative way. The interior layout is continuous, taking in consideration the owner’s wish to look after their children without having to move from one room to another. With a design that is both practical and contemporary, Maximum Garden House becomes a lovely family refugee, where affection and warmth are heavily encouraged.