Time to unleash your inner comic book artist. Audi and Marvel have launched an Iron Man 3 digital comic book that allows fans the chance to decide the fates of our heroes (as well as their Audi R8). Fans will also have the chance to submit their own final frame to the story.

The interactive comic is called “Steer The Story,” and is set in the Iron Man 3 world. The narrative sports various decision points, giving viewers the chance to vote on what happens next. The basic story has Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and their Audi R8 being attacked by Blizzard while on Highway 101. Users will select from predetermined options, but the final scene will add a more creative twist. Fans will be able to submit their own final frame to the story, using original art or photography. The folks at Marvel, including Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and editors Jeanine Schaefer and Bill Rosemann, will select a winner from the submissions.

The winner gets an original art board signed by Marvel artists and a trip to San Diego Comic-Con International. Sorry, no Audi R8.

Go to www.steerthestory.com to find out more.