Fire is something that symbolizes energy and brings in warmth in relationships. It can be found in many forms but Ivano Losa and Matteo Galbusera, a pair of Italian designers, made it to symbolize something that is modern, fascinating, and a great possession to let you have some good times with your family and friends. The duo has designed Mangiafuoco outdoor fire pit which is elegant enough to light up any outdoor space. Both the designers run a company named Ak47 that they have named after the very famous Ak47 machine gun. But that is just a name that they chose and it does not have anything to do with guns.

As a company, Ak47 always cater designs and products that are high on innovation and efficient at the same time so as to fulfill a purpose. These features have been included in the Mangiafuoco outdoor fire pit that they have created. This is a fire pit that has been formed by using ¼ inched carbon steel. The exterior of the fire pit has been finished brilliantly by using rusted and powder coating that is white in color. Not just design of the fire pit looks amazing but it has a great functionality too. It measures 15 inches in diameter and is about 10 inches deep. The moat area of the Mangiafuoco can be filled with things like land rock, sand, or gravel.

This can be placed anywhere in your backyard and used whenever you have spare time to spend with your loved ones. There is a steel lid customized to this fire pit which keeps out rain water. Also, a 100% stainless steel cooking grill which is 20 inches in length lets you enjoy some grilled food too.

Via: PP