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Louis Vuitton Monogram Sun And Star Jewelry Outshines With Mother-Of-Pearl

Louis Vuitton Monogram Sun And Star Jewelry Outshines With Mother-Of-Pearl

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Louis Vuitton has already wooed bling-loving women with Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Sun Collection and Monogram Idylle Collection. Upping the ante, Louis Vuitton Monogram Sun and Star fine jewelry collection is out to please the fans of the French luxury fashion house as well as those who are in awe of the smooth, shining, iridescent mother-of-pearl. The Monogram Jewelry collection features Sun and Star motifs in form of sparkling pendants, sautoirs and bracelets. Shaped out of pink gold, the collection of iconic shapes add elegance by adopting white mother-of-pearl and diamonds.

Monogram Sautoir – louis-vuitton-monogram-sautoir-mother-of-pearlEvoking the sun energy with its round Monogram Flowers while pointed flowers feature guiding stars, this long (90cm) pink gold necklace set with white mother-of-pearl radiates brightness . Waving voluptuously, its generous double-sided motifs ensure a perfect wear, revealing a shiny gold back crowned with a diamond on the star motif. louis-vuitton-monogram_jewelry_white-mother-of-pearl_1Allow LV Monogram Sun and Star flowers to adorn the neck for  $26,400.

Monogram Bracelet – louis-vuitton--Women_Monogram_Sun_Star_braceletFor $7,800, let your wrist dress up with a feminine blend of the Sun and Star flowers. The bracelet radiates brightness with its luminous petals set with white mother-of-pearl and shiny gold star paved with a diamond. It is offered in various sizes to fit all.

Monogram Star Pendant – louis-vuitton-monogram-star-pendant-pink_mother-of-pearl-fine-jewelryLet a single star add some luminosity to your neckline for $2,760. Featuring white mother-of-pearl set inside gold petals, the iconic pointed Monogram Flower evokes the guiding star, illuminating the night with its brightness and leading its wearer towards a safe destiny.louis-vuitton-monogram-star-pendant-pink_mother-of-pearl-fine-jewelry_1Monogram Sun Pendant – louis-vuitton-monogram-sun-pendant_mother-of-pearlPowerful evocation of softness, harmony and femininity, this round Monogram Flower radiates the bright energy of the sun. Offered for the same price as the Star edition, it is also enhanced by the luminous white mother-of-pearl set in its smooth and voluptuous gold curves.

louis-vuitton-monogram-sun-pendant-white-mother-of-pearlAiry, shimmering and playful, the Monogram Jewelry collection gives an effortless twist to any outfit.