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Looking To Increase Footfall in your Retail Store? These Tips Will Help!

Looking To Increase Footfall in your Retail Store? These Tips Will Help!

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As lockdown restrictions are eased after a prolonged period of government-enforced closings, brick-and-mortar stores are slowly opening their doors. This could have an impact on the footfall and revenue of your retail store. 


So, to increase customer confidence and encourage customers to return to the high street, you need to come up with engaging tactics to increase footfall in your store. 


Here are five ways in which you can increase the footfall of your stores amid the ongoing crisis.


Gain Your Customers’ Confidence

Before entering a shop, the first thing any customer is thinking before entering a shop is, “Will I be safe there?” 


The truth is, the pandemic scare is keeping customers from visiting a retail store, and most are turning to online shops to buy even the smallest of essentials. 


You can change that by gaining your customers’ confidence in this regard by ensuring maximum safety in your store. Here’s how you can do that:


  • Use outdoor signage: To indicate you are open and ask your customers to follow COVID safety rules when inside. This will show your customers that you are taking the safety rules seriously and safe to shop inside.  
  • Encourage your staff and customers to follow good hygiene practices: Put sanitizing machines and signs about maintaining social distancing wherever possible. This will remind your customers and staff not to become lax about the safety rules when shopping.
  • Put checkout sneeze screens: Use transparent sneeze screens protection when interacting between your customers and staff.


Entertain the Customers Waiting in Queues

Queues are unavoidable during the pandemic. If your store has a long queue of waiting customers, it might take a while to clear and turn away some customers. Here is how you can make the waiting time enjoyable and entertaining for your customers:


  • Putting signs displaying interesting and knowledgeable facts and info along the queue.
  • Playing popular songs in loud volume. As people are practicing social distancing, many might not be indulging in conversations. Loud, likable music may make their waiting time pass quickly. You can also install small TV screens along the queue line.
  • Displaying smaller browsable products along the queue line. You can keep accessories and magazines to help your customers pass the time without feeling frustrated.  


Indoor Signage

If you have a large store, it is always good to include store aisle signs to guide your customers through the store’s various sections. This way, your customers can independently shop without asking around and fearing coming in close contact with anyone.


Large overhead banners are the most common types of indoor signage that help point out the customers towards different sections. You can also use these banners for advertising a new or most popular product in your store.


Floor signs are also a unique way of letting your customers know which direction they are heading. Like banners, these can also serve as promotional tools.


Be on Social Media

When everything has gone virtual, keeping a social media presence will probably do more for the footfall of your business than any other offline tool. 


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You can create an account on a social media platform and heavily advertise your store there. They say, “Hang out where your target audience hangs out,” and we couldn’t agree more. Facebook and Instagram could be popular places to show people your retail store’s offerings and motivate them to visit your store. 


Plus, you can use the platforms to let your customers know of the discounts and deals you are offering, leading to increased footfall.


Offer Attractive Deals

This is one way of making your new customers come back for shopping again and help you reconnect with your loyal customers. For new customers, you can offer special discounts on their next purchases. For old customers, you can offer discount codes or free products with their purchases.


Final Word

It may be tough to get high footfall in your retail store during the pandemic, but not impossible. People want to touch and feel the products before buying them. Online places can’t provide that. All you need is to give them a reason to visit your store using the tips mentioned above. 


Good luck!




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