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Look Like a Fashionista at Work! Eight Style Tips

Look Like a Fashionista at Work! Eight Style Tips


In the corporate world, more than your first impression, making the right impression every time matters. There’s always that one female coworker at every office who puts everyone else to shame with her superior sense of style and unshakeable confidence she exudes. We’re talking stilettos, matching accessories, and pencil skirts with body-hugging blazers. The kind of elevated fashion sense makes you question your clothing and life decisions every time the person walks past your desk.

You’re probably thinking, isn’t it enough that I already have to work hard to prove myself at the workplace? The truth is, putting a little more effort into your work wardrobe can help you stand out from the crowd. It can help you land a memorable impression on everyone you meet and instantly boost your self-confidence and body image. Even if you are the type to roll into an oversized t-shirt with a messy bun at home, dressing for success in the workplace will get you farther up the corporate ladder.

If you’re ready to switch gears and get a style upgrade, stay with us. Whether you are holding on to old pieces that are buried in the back of your wardrobe or struggling to find figure-flattering plus size dresses, we have got you covered. We’re breaking down eight style tips every fashionista should rock at the workplace.

Do your makeup properly

One of the first things people notice, apart from your shoes, is your hair and makeup. While you may love a bright shocking blue eye shadow, purple glitter toppers, and shimmery lip gloss, it is best to keep them aside for a wild night out with the girls. Glitter may look great at 9 a.m. when you leave for work, but you may find it all over your face and work files by the time the clock strikes 2 p.m. In a professional environment, choose more neutral tones, such as browns and dusky pinks. If you are feeling bold, flaunt red, deep burgundy, or rich chocolate lip colors. Pro tip: a no-makeup look is always a good option if you don’t know what to do.

Style your hair

Whether you like short wispy hair or a long mane, styling is the key to giving a polished finish to any look. Opt for a fun, casual, or sophisticated look, depending on your dressing or personal preference. In case you have butterfingers when it comes to styling, we recommend practicing at home. Some of the easiest hairstyles for beginners include a top bun and high ponytail. You can also try adding hair accessories, such as clips, scrunchies, hairbands, and hair claws. If all else fails, turn to your trustee hairstyling hot tools. However, do not heat style every day as it can damage your hair.

Dress it up

Though your first instinct might be to hide behind an oversized sweater, try switching things up with a lovely dress. You can look up to a style icon for inspiration for this step, such as Ashley Graham, Kelly Clarkson, or Chrissy Metz.

Some beautiful options to choose from for plus-size beauties include midi dresses. These are practically perfect for the office, considering the hemline is not too high or too low. Throw on a cardigan on top and look like a knockout!

Switch things up with wrap dresses. These dresses hug the body and flatter the silhouette, making them perfect for curvy figures. However, if you go to a conservative office, you can always try flowy maxi dresses. When worn in a solid color, these are perfect for the summer and can give your body an elongated effect.

Pick the right pants

This closet staple is excellent for days you want to dress down and enjoy a casual look. Some options to consider include straight-leg jeans. These flatter the legs, giving them a slimmer appearance without restricting movement. Plus, you can roll up the hem for variation and dress them up with a pair of heels. If you prefer a more fitted style, try stretchy skinny jeans for curvy women. Skinnies tapper at the ankles that give you a figure-flattering look.

Feel on top of the world

Tops are fundamental in every wardrobe. However, they can often give a masculine vibe if you don’t style them correctly. If you want to channel your inner diva, think all things feminine, from selecting girly shades and soft fabrics to petite prints. Choosing the right style of blouse for your figure can help accentuate your features, such as a tie-waist blouse. These cinch the waist and hug your curves. Another option to consider is tunics. These are flowy like a mini dress, and you can wear them with leggings or jeans.

Emphasize your waist with a belt

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As a curvy woman, bringing more attention can feel like a bad decision. However, that is far from the truth. Plus, if you have a ton of baggy outfits, this tip is going to instantly add versatility and transform your oversized outfits for a more flattering look. A cinched waist effect gets you closer to the perfect hourglass look. Try it by adding a sash or belt around your waist. Throw on a belt with stylish accents to add oomph to your outfit.

Play with print and color

One of the easiest ways to look like a diva is by experimenting with colors, prints, and cuts. However, you can easily get carried away with pairing clashing prints, such as polka dots and checks – horrendous! Instead, try keeping one neutral item of clothing at all times, such as a white blazer. You can pair it with a printed dress and bold accessories. Remember to strike a balance in your overall look. Too much color or print can take away from sophistication and give it a tacky appearance unless it’s all black.

Pump it up with jumpsuits

While the corporate world is more focused on pantsuits, jumpsuits are more fun, trendy. They can earn you extra brownie points in the styling department. While all jumpsuits may not be office-appropriate, you can certainly make them work by pairing them with a blazer, cardigan, or jacket. Often jumpsuits can look a bit dull, so accessorize with a long necklace, high heels and try a half-up, half-down hairdo to make a style statement.


Dressing for the nines five days a week can feel stressful at times. Remember to stay away from bright colors, bold prints, and glitter! And most of all, have fun. Dressing well does not mean you should splurge half your paycheck every month to look fabulous. All fashionistas know the key to styling is to mix and match your clothing. This technique helps to create a style statement without breaking the bank. Just be sure to check your office’s dress policies to ensure you do not violate the company’s dress code.


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