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Level Up Your Home: Home Improvements to Add Value

Level Up Your Home: Home Improvements to Add Value

Are you moving into a new home and plan to sell your old one soon? Before you move out of the old house, you can add home improvements to add value to your house.

In the US, the average person will move as many as 11.7 times in his or her life. Every year, almost 35.5 million Americans move from one home to another. Most people try to sell their old homes before the big day or as they buy a new one.

Yet, selling a house isn’t easy, especially when it’s not desirable. Keep reading to learn what you can do to make your house more desirable and valuable in its market price. Our tips will help, even if you don’t plan on moving for another year or so.

Make Exterior Home Improvements to Add Value

Let’s begin our list of home improvements with what’s outside your home. Go out and take a look at your home from a good distance. If you were looking for a new home with good curb appeal, would you buy it?

Landscaping and improving curb appeal plays a huge role in making a great impression. Little things like mowing the lawn and pruning the shrubs can make a big difference. Use stylish large outdoor planters to organize your garden and/or front yard.

Planting perennials or annuals will help, but they’ll cost you a few hundred dollars. However, it also offers a big payout once you put your house on the market. If you don’t have the time to do this outdoor work, hire a lawn service company to do it for you.

Make Your Home Square Footage Look Larger

Another feature that affects its value is the size of your home. If you design or rearrange everything right, you can make it seem like your home is larger than it is. This takes some knowledge in interior decoration and some creativity.

Make rooms feel more spacious by making them brighter. Replace heavy draperies with vertical blinds or shutters that let the sun in. Adding one large mirror to any room can make it feel larger, too.

Keep your floor plan in the living room, dining room, and kitchen open. Buyers want to see and picture how they can use the space. If they can’t see how much potential space a house has, they’ll look for something else that shows it.

Update Your Bathroom

The next vital home improvements to add value to your home are bathroom renovations. You don’t need to do big renovations on your bathroom. Even the smallest of changes in this small yet essential room can raise the price of your house.

For example, you can change your vanity and make it more modern. Renew old plumbing and light fixtures. Replace your old floor with a new tile floor.

You don’t need to install floor heaters or body-spray fixtures in your bathroom. You can spend less than $750 and get big returns later. You can even add a free-standing tub to add to a modern appeal as well as functionality.

Inspect the House and Finish All Home Repairs

If you feel that your home can’t have any more improvements, look again. You don’t only need to pay for cosmetic home improvements to up the value of a home. It’s more important that you remove any hidden problems that can put a negative impact on its value.

Have an inspector to check the places that you don’t often see. With their trained eyes, they can find small problems like hidden water leaks or broken vents. They can sniff out the type of problems that start small but become big and expensive issues fast.

Repaint Your Walls

Painting your walls is one of the simplest and most cost-effective home renovations you can do yourself. Now, the question is: what color palette will get your home to sell well and fast? The answer is any neutral color palette.

A neutral color palette is great for house buyers because it helps them imagine the new space as theirs. It also offers better flow or harmony in the house, even if you don’t change anything else. You can improve this by painting the trim, molding, and windows in matching neutral shades.

Light colors are the best choices because they hint at freshness and style. Beige adds a warm and comfortable yet soothing sensation to the interior. You can even paint the trim in black and the exterior in white to give the house a striking and dramatic effect.

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Get a Minor Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is a room that people visit and spend time in every day. This is one of the reasons why kitchens have a huge impact on the market price of a house. Because of its nature, it must be functional yet still have some level of beauty.

If you’re increasing home value, a minor kitchen remodel is enough to do the trick. This may include changes like applying new paint, installing new lights, and changing knobs. You can even hire a professional to resurface the cabinets and upgrade the sink.

Minor kitchen remodels can even get you back over 92.9% of its cost during resale. The national average kitchen remodel costs $25,100 or between $13,289 and $37,595. However, as we mentioned, a small remodeling project is enough to give you a big bang for the buck.

Get More for Your House

Home improvement doesn’t have to be big steps that break the bank. Instead, look at the small details that you can improve and hidden issues to fix. Being attentive to these details can make a world of difference to your home and its market value.

We hope this guide that discusses how you can make home improvements to add value to it helped you. If you want to read more on interior design tips and other topics, check out our other guides now.





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