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Learn How TONIC Creates Better CBD Products From the Ground Up

Learn How TONIC Creates Better CBD Products From the Ground Up

The public is paying more attention to mental health lately. That’s great news for people like Brittany Carbone. It is the root of why she started her business, TONIC, a brand nurtured by nature.

Like many, Brittany faced her own challenges with anxiety and depression. She searched for a natural way to feel better.


“As a health coach, I regularly instructed my clients to approach a more holistic lifestyle,” said Brittany. “But while I was doing that, something was missing in my own life. My emotional health needed a boost. I wondered if there could be a natural remedy that would work for me so that I could enjoy life more.” 

The growing interest in CBD captured her attention. Skeptical at first, she did her research and used her knowledge of nutrition, physiology, herbal remedies, and general wellness to create synergistic CBD formulas.


She realized these formulations did more than help her depressive state. It gave her the mental clarity and balance to thrive in her daily life, delivering the support and energy that was missing. She began combining CBD with ashwagandha root for stress-relief that created an adaptogenic powerhouse. This is where her healing began and the road ahead looked promising. Brittany would become the first to combine CBD, adaptogens and superfoods in this unique way back in 2017. 


Diving into more research and development, Brittany consciously crafted her signature blend that catapulted her into a full-time venture. The O.G. TONIC started it all by targeting and enhancing the benefits of CBD with ashwagandha in the most unique way. Her formulations have helped thousands find relief so they can enjoy a calmer, anxiety-free life. 

TONIC’s unique formulations use the highest quality ingredients with a craft approach that starts at Tricolla Farms in Berkshire, New York, where the brand sources its hemp the way nature intended. Brittany and her husband, Erik, run the certified organic hemp farm with biodynamic and regenerative farming practices. 


“We are super focused on growing only as much as we can physically process in our state-of-the-art, boutique extraction facility, mindful not to turn over land unnecessarily,” said Brittany. “After harvest, we mulch the stems and stalks and reintroduce them into the fields as compost.”


After the hemp is cultivated, it is delivered to their boutique extraction facility just 40 miles away, Bardo Labs, where it undergoes refinement, packaging, and distribution all under one roof to ensure the highest degree of quality control from seed to sale. With industry-leading technology (backed by field-leading Blue Bite NFC authentication), TONIC ensures quality and purity across all its CBD products.


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“By working with local suppliers, minimizing plastic, shipping in compostable mailers, and employing farming practices centering around healthier soil for CO2 capture, TONIC’s products are designed to reduce their carbon footprint and prioritize sustainability,” adds Brittany.


Leaving the world a better place is how TONIC approaches its social responsibility. Through its The Purpose Program, they partner with a different nonprofit organization each month, donating a portion of sales to support the communities that need it most.


Nature’s elixir for mood disorders has proven to be the healing ingredient that continues to help many in their journey toward improved health and wellness. For TONIC, it has allowed them to expand their product offerings with several tonics, body butters, and renewal oils for a better way to feel better.


Brittany and Erik have helped countless people “fix their vibe” in the most true-to-nature way, guided by their passion for plants, the people who consume them and the earth that provides them.


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