At its first look you might mistakably think it to be some sort of chair or a boombox restring on a tabletop, but on a much closer look you find that this is kind of portable desk that you can carry anywhere you go. Christened as KANZ Field Power Desk, this portable workstation gives you uninterrupted power supply for your most cherished gadgets like smartphone, laptop, and all portable gadgetry. It is a great design for the people who are passionate about extreme travelling and the ones who love to explore remote areas. Generally, such places are devoid of any power supply and soon your gadgets run out of their juice. But with this power desk, you have nothing to worry about.

This innovative power providing portable desk is a matchless asset for setting up an outdoor office. It has built-in solar panels and GoalZero lithium ion batteries which helps it to give dual outputs of 5V and 12V respectively. This helps you to work on your laptop for more than 6 hours and even much longer when it’s a bright sunny day.

The luxuriously design of the desk is elegant and well conceived. It has used high-quality materials like Marine-grade aluminum and Baltic birch. If all that doesn’t allure you to buy this portable workstation, then you can get one more reason to love it – it’s totally customizable. You can add things like lights, speakers, and even a satellite internet with this. The desk laden with multiple assets will cost you $2,500, which is certainly justified for such a feature rich piece of furniture.