100 years of Johnnie Walker have made the last century a better place.

Since it’s still the month of May, British retailer, Selfridges, continues its centenary festivities with more exclusive collaborative products. On a new note, Selfridges is not the only one celebrating it’s 100th Anniversary this year– Johnnie Walker Black Label had also walked to its centenary mark. To commemorate both label’s landmark birthdays, Johnnie Walker and Selfridges have teamed up to produce a limited edition Johnnie Walker Black Label with a real leather label in Selfridges’ signature Pantone 109 yellow. There are only 100 bespoke bottles produced and each bottle is individually numbered. Like the other birthday products, this collector’s Johnnie Walker Black Label is exclusive to Selfridges, priced befittingly at £100 each. – From FreshnessMag.com