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In Conversation with the Co-founder and COO of Teachmint

In Conversation with the Co-founder and COO of Teachmint


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

The founders of Teachmint were not ready to bear this agony. They had a vision and decided to bring it to life.

We recently had the honor of talking to the Co-founder and COO of Teachmint, Divyansh Bordia. 

Teachmint is an online teaching app that has enabled over four lakh tutors to take their classes online. It is a one-stop solution for online teaching and let’s see what the COO, Divyansh Bordia has to say about Teachmint and the journey. 

  • Tell us more about Teachmint and how you came up with the idea

“Teachmint is the brainchild of four friends. Myself, Anshuman, Mihir, and Payoj. After graduating from IIT, we wanted to do something on our own and we wanted it to be effective and efficient. We fiddled through a lot of ideas but nothing really sat right. That’s when we saw that a lot of people did not have access to quality education and that online education was still an alien concept to a lot of people. We wanted to change that and that’s how Teachmint came into existence. To solve the perennial problem that teachers were facing. Our dream is to democratize online education in India and we have been working tirelessly since day one to achieve this goal.”

  • What are the opportunities that online education offers?

Online teaching opens the door to a lot of opportunities. People now have a chance to work from the comfort of their homes and increase their reach. They are no longer restricted by geography. Teachmint is made with teachers in mind. Thorough research of the ecosystem told us that we need a holistic approach. With our online store, teachers can create a website of their own, reach more students and get more visibility. The fee management system ensures that there’s no hassle in collecting fees. This is just a broad view. There is more to it when we talk about granular changes. Online education has accelerated the speed at which teachers can connect with their classroom community. The growth opportunity is immense and online education is most certainly the future.”

  • What are the major concerns that you had initially?

See, no matter how rich your experience is, and no matter how prepared you are, there are things that can go wrong. The industry trends were promising but our major concern was how the teachers would respond to the shift. A lot of teachers did not know the breadth and depth of online teaching and online education. The crux of our concern was to make the app simple and user-friendly so that even teachers with zero technical knowledge can use the app effortlessly. The response was overwhelming and we knew we were on the right track doing the right thing.”

  • Could you elaborate on Teachmint’s features?

As mentioned, Teachmint was made with teachers in mind. It is a complete package, a one-stop solution for online teaching. With a host of features like one-touch go live, live class recording, low-quality mode, online whiteboard, fee management system, online tests, and much more, it is sure to make the lives of teachers and students easier. One of our recent updates introduced an online web store that allows teachers to create a website of their own. This way, they can increase their visibility and grow their brand. We are redefining the ways of teaching, one classroom at a time. 

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  • What does the future look like? With respect to Teachmint and its growth?

Edtech is a rapidly growing sector. The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to serve quality and excellence and that’s what we are doing. We have new updates planned and as mentioned, we are on a mission to democratize online education in India. Every day, we strive a little harder to achieve that mission while staying true to our core values. Security and customer satisfaction are at the core of Teachmint’s values. It is of paramount importance to ensure that the data that we have access to is safe and secure. We don’t zoom in on the privacy of our tutors. We are extra careful when it comes to that and any expansion or development will be done while bearing this in mind. 

  • Lastly, any message to the budding entrepreneurs out there?

 If you have an excellent idea, product, or service, it is a crime not to bring it to life. People will always accept quality and in our case, Teachmint’s quality is what made us grow so big in such a short span of time. Define your values and stand true to them. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and to work hard for what you believe in. 


The shift to online education was sudden but well accepted. While teachers use various teaching aids and teaching methods to make their classes interesting and engaging, Teachmint is making sure that teachers have a seamless online teaching experience. Teachmint is making a move in the right direction and we wish all the best for their future endeavors. 


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